Spero News reports that Jahi McMath who was rescued by her loving parents, lawyers, and her community’s protests from the declaration of ‘Brain Death,’ is showing signs of life after months.

Following her surgery she has become quite an embarrassment for medical science as well as a financial liability for Children’s hospital and the organ donation transplant industry.  She is, hourly, daily, showing the world that she is not brain dead. She is not dead, period, as the hospital declared that she was.

She is the evidence that a brain death definition is merely a tool of a fast growing industry that is aggressively attempting to fulfill the requests for healthy organs for transplants.

Human organs to be successfully transplanted into another human being must be fresh which means removed from a body that is still alive, is still functioning. Organs from a dead body, a cadaver, are of no life preserving value to another living human being.

Therefore, creating a definition of brain death that allows medicine to declare that a patient is dead provides for that allowance.

coexist tree

Rorate Caeli reports:

Achbishop-elect Julian Leow Beng Kim, chosen by Pope Francis months ago, will be installed archbishop of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, tomorrow, October 6, 2014.

He will certainly be a great Archbishop — well, at least assuredly for non-Catholics. He has just introduced a new symbol in ecclesiastical heraldry, the “Tree of All Religions” or “Coexist Tree”.

Because, as Jesus said, “the gate is wide,” and “you can go to the Father not only through me, but through any other way as well. Just pick from the Tree of All Religions whatever faith rocks the Divine within you, dude.



The Google Translation Tempi magazine reports over a half million people just filled the streets of Paris on behalf of the pro-family Manif Pour Tous movement because ‘man is not a commodity.’

More than 500 000 in Paris, at least 30,000 in Bordeaux. Yesterday the Manif pour tous fell back on the streets after eight months to “reclaim the universal abolition of the uterus for rent (GPa), refuse to open to artificial insemination without a father and remember that these drifts (…) are the result the Taubira law on marriage, “homosexual.

The president of the Manif pour tous, Ludovine de La Rochère , said: “We will continue to mobilize peacefully, but relentlessly. We will not allow more than the ultra-libertarian impose their timetable and milestones of this so-called “progress.” There is nothing more obscurantist womb for rent. And we will do even more: we will continue our propositions to strengthen families and protect children. “

Eighteen months after the approval of the marriage and adoption by gay couples, France has made ​​several steps towards the legalization of assisted reproduction for couples of women, voluntarily depriving children of a father, and of ‘ surrogacy , voluntarily depriving children of a mother.

“THE MAN IS NOT GOODS.” So many slogans chanted by protesters: “The woman is not a machine that produces children “,” Just take blows to tax the family “and even” The human being is not a commodity. “