Don't cross Francis with that doctrine stuff in my territory

Don’t cross Francis with that doctrine stuff in my territory

The Tenth Crusade never loses her steel-eyed assessment of the Pontificate for Thugs:

The synod is sinking and the rats are coming out of the woodwork.

Didn’t Pope Francis initiative call for open and honest discussion of Kasper’s heresy?

If you can distance yourself from the emotional baggage that comes with the empowerment of the thugs who sell heresy, this is fascinating to watch.

Pope picks heretic to teach his see heresy and tells us all to openly discuss the pros and cons of embracing it.

When Catholics who will never embrace heresy openly and honestly discuss the cons, Pope Francis army of mercy and justice tell us to STFU.

It’s all about synodality and open, honest discussion (of heresy and sacrilege).

Make a mess! (Just don’t get in my way.)

When 500 faithful priests from the UK signed a letter asking the Synod to defend the Faith, the leader of the English Bishops, Cardinal Nichols, told them publicly to be quiet.  The same day, Pope Francis warned the Church to pray for, not ‘gossip’ about the Synod.

I always knew what Francis meant by all that railing against gossip.  He means keep your mouth shut and never cross me or one of my pliant FrancisBishops.

Get this: After the Holy Father tells us to discuss the very public, well-orchestrated circus of deception and heresy at the synod, this Cardinal tell us not to conduct a debate about the synod through the press.

Priests should not conduct a debate about the October Family Synod through the press, Cardinal Nichols has said, following the publication of a letter signed by hundreds of priests, urging the synod to issue a ‘clear and firm proclamation’ upholding Church teaching on marriage.

They want exclusive rights to conduct publicity stunts.

UK Cardinal Nichols continues:

Every priest in England and Wales has been asked to reflect on the Synod discussion. It is my understanding that this has been taken up in every diocese, and that channels of communication have been established,’ the statement said.

‘The pastoral experience and concern of all priests in these matters are of great importance and are welcomed by the Bishops. Pope Francis has asked for a period of spiritual discernment. This dialogue, between a priest and his bishop, is not best conducted through the press.’

The problem is simple and it’s been going on for decades.  What do faithful clergy do when their hierarchy stand against the faith?  Answer: They must be silent, endure or be banished with their lives ruined, or they can unite, hold fast.

The faithful clergy need laypeople to defend them more than they ever have.  We can’t go on like this, with evil men destroying the Church and crushing true Catholic clergy.  It can’t continue forever. The Church is dying.  God sees the damage and He will ask us why?

Tenth Crusade sums up the Cardinal’s threat:

Get it?

Any discussion was supposed to be privately discussed with the heretics trying to implement it.

Good one.

Next time we have a complaint, let’s waste our time and call up the foxes they put in the henhouse.

There is something really creepy about communication in the administration of this papacy. In every conceivable way.

Right is wrong and wrong is right. Error is evangelized and truth is silenced.

It’s the stink of sulfur.

We need to be careful because it is everywhere and demons specialize in capitalizing on naivete and stupidity.

But everywhere this agenda is being promoted, the liars and thugs storm to silence and destroy catechesis and truth.

We’ve all taken several bites of the apple now and it is rotten to the core.




Feel the Joy

Feel the Joy

It’s difficult to imagine the frightening zeal that must have possessed men like Martin Luther or the other false priests who led huge movements out of the Church. For those unfortunate shepherds their work was an obsession.  Pope Francis cannot stop hammering at those Pharisees and doctors of the law by whom, we must know by now, he means us, faithful pious Catholics.

Zenit’s Junno Arocho Esteves reports on the Pope’s March 26th homily in Casa Santa Marta.

To be joyful is a grace that only comes from faith and not from doctrine or law that is detached from love. This was the central theme of Pope Francis’ homily at Casa Santa Marta this morning.

According to Vatican Radio, the Holy Father reflected on today’s readings, both of which spoke on Abraham. In John’s Gospels, Jesus tells the scribes and doctors of the law that “Abraham your father rejoiced to see my day; he saw it and was glad.”

The Pope said that the doctors of the law did not understand what Jesus meant because they did not understand the joy of hope, of promise and of the covenant.

“They did not know how to rejoice, because they lost the meaning of joy that only comes from faith,” he said. “Our father Abraham was able to rejoice because he had faith: he was made just in faith.

Abraham was justified by faith. Not also works?

The Pope continues.

These lost their faith. They were doctors of the law, but without faith! But more so: they lost the law! Because the center of the law is love, love for God and for neighbor.”

Of course Our Lord corrected the Pharisees because they were led by self-interest.  That’s why they went around enforcing unjust oppressive rules, rules which have nothing to do with Jesus or the true teachings of the Catholic Church.

The Holy Father went on to say that the doctors of the law were so attached to doctrine that their often times their questions dealt in abstract circumstances.

“Should taxes be paid to Cesar, or should they not? This woman, who was married seven times, when she goes to Heaven will she be the wife of those seven? […]

Petty overbearing law-making more appropriate to the U.S. Congress is how our Pope sees the doctrines of the Church and the Holy Mass. Since love isn’t at the center, these are only unjust laws which have nothing to do with faith. So the master of the false dichotomy presents the king of them all.  He pits doctrine against faith and he pits the law against love.

The problem is: the doctrines of the Church ARE faith and it’s law IS love.  We aren’t Pharisees because we don’t reject Christ!

This was their world, an abstract world, a world without love, a world without faith, a world without hope, a world without trust, a world without God,” he noted. “And this is why they could not rejoice!”

No hope, no faith, no trust, no God, no point in joy:  How much contempt can the Pope muster for men and women who love Church teaching?

The 78 year old Pontiff continued saying that it was sad to be a believer without joy. Without joy, he said, there is no faith, only “cold doctrine.”

Now we’re cold dead too.

He’s always going on about warmth and closeness. Didn’t his mother hug him?  It gives me the creeps.

Concluding his homily, Pope Francis said that the joy of faith and the Gospel is the touchstone of one’s faith. Without it, one is not a “true believer.”

So now Pope Francis has become a joy-sniffer who goes around pegging Pharisees with his joyometer.  Better check that pickle face, Catholic!



Message to Francis: No mitres for men like this

Message to Francis: No mitres for men like this

CNA does some small damage control on Pope Francis’ new Chilean bishop whom thousands reject.

.- A group of protesters attempted to stop the installation of Bishop Juan Barros Madrid as the new bishop of Osorno in southern Chile, pushing the bishop and throwing objects at him during the March 21 Mass.

The protestors accuse Bishop Barros of covering up sexual abuse committed by Fr. Fernando Karadima. The bishop has repeatedly denied it. The story was picked up this weekend by international news media.

Despite somewhat violent protests in the middle of his installation, the new bishop defends his ignorance.

Bishop Juan Barros and three other bishops close to Karadima supported the decision of the Holy See in April of 2011 and denied having known about his double life. They declared in a statement that “with great sorrow we have accepted the sentence declaring him guilty of serious offences condemned by the Church. Like so many, we learned about this situation and its diverse and multiple effects with deep astonishment and pain.”

In a letter addressed to the faithful of the Osorno diocese days before his installation, Bishop Barros reiterated that “I never had any knowledge of any accusation concerning Father Karadima when I was the Secretary for Cardinal Juan Francisco Fresno and I never had any knowledge nor did I even imagine such grave abuses as this priest committed against his victims. I neither approved nor participated in those actions.”

This is a generic denial.  I wonder if the angry locals have a different story?

“I am telling you, before God who is listening to us, it did not cross my mind that these things were going on. I would not have accepted it for any reason, and I am not a friend of Fernando Karadima,” he stated.

He added that before the Vatican convicted him in 2011, “I was already becoming distant from him. Of course I had been close, but I was already becoming distant from him, not because I knew about these questions of the accusations but because he became ill tempered.  I never knew about these very tragic things. The pain of the victims hurts me enormously, I pray for those that carry this pain with them today.”

He’s not my friend? We had been close, but I was already becoming distant around the time of the occurrences because he was getting mean?

How does this sound?  Odd?  Yes.

Pope Francis already has a track record of ignoring the protests of faithful Catholics and their bishops and priests.  I wonder what sort of people these protesters are?