If it's not about Jesus, what's it about?

If it’s not about Jesus, what’s it about?

If your sense of higher truths is fungible, then what constitutes hard reality?  When Catholic power goes South and princes of the Church surrender priceless doctrines at the expense of millions of souls, what is the justification?

Why does the German Church have such an interest in a pro-gay ‘family’ Synod?

Why is Ireland suddenly such a seemingly evil place?

Why is the Vatican official behind the World Meeting of Families under investigation?

Why does Archbishop Chaput say it doesn’t matter?

Why is the Vatican Archbishop Paglia helping sell a Pope Francis milkshake?

Why are there FrancisWorship propaganda murals going up in Philadelphia?

Why is the event gatekeeper for the Pope’s Philly visit a lesbian activist?

Why are we supposed to mature before the next Synod meeting?

What is global warming about if it isn’t scientific facts?

Why does FrancisChurch embrace global warming?

Why is murder equivalent to every other excuse for liberal policy?

Why is FrancisChurch ‘of the poor and for the poor?’

Why does Communism create slavery, poverty, and suffering?

Answer: Money, money, money, money,  money,  money,  money,  money,  money,  money,  money,  money,  money,  money,  and money – just the thing Pope Francis hates!



Don't let a man like this bark you off your faith.

Don’t let this ‘Pharisee’ bark you off your faith.

The Pope gave some helpful advice on the FrancisGospel and the types of Christians out there.  Which one are you?

(Vatican Radio) Pope Francis’ homily this morning focused on the Gospel account of Bartimaeus, the blind man who cried out to Jesus to be healed, and whom the disciples called to be silent. The Gospel led the Holy Father to reflect on three different groups of Christians.

First, there are Christians who are concerned only with their own relationship with Jesus, a “closed, selfish” relationship, who do not hear the cries of others:

“This group of people, even today, do not hear the cry of so many people who need Jesus. A group of people who are indifferent: they do not hear, they think that life is their own little group; they are content; they are deaf to the clamour of so many people who need salvation, who need the help of Jesus, who need the Church. These people are selfish, they live for themselves alone. They are unable to hear the voice of Jesus.”

It is selfish to love Jesus?  Doesn’t loving Jesus mean following him?  Can you care about your relationship with Jesus yet ignore everyone else?  Do such people exist or is this some rhetorical device?  I know they exist in Hollywood and on the lips of demagogues.

Then, the Pope continued, “there are those who hear this cry for help, but want to silence it,” like the disciples when they sent away the children, “so that they would not disturb the Master”: “He was their Master — He was for them, not for everyone. These people send away from Jesus those who cry out, who need the faith, who need salvation.” In this group one finds the “men of affairs, who are close to Jesus,” who are in the temple. They seem “religious,” but “Jesus chased them away because they were doing business there, in the house of God.” There are those who “do not want to hear the cry for help, but prefer to take care of their business, and use the people of God, use the Church for their own affairs.” In this group there are Christians “who do not bear witness”:

“They are Christians in name, parlour room Christians, Christians at receptions, but their interior life is not Christian, it is worldly. Someone who calls himself Christian and lives like a worlding drives away those who cry out for help from Jesus. And then there are the rigorists, those whom Jesus rebukes, those who place such heavy weights on the backs of the people. Jesus devotes the whole of the twenty-third chapter of St Matthew to them: ‘Hypocrites,’ he says to them, ‘you exploit the people!’ And instead of responding to the cries of the people who cry out for salvation, they send them away.”

Christians who do not bear witness, who use the Church for their own affairs, who silence voices?  Hello Synod on the Family!

Rigorists, hypocrites, exploiters, parlour room Christians….this is the cruel ranting of a political radical.  Calumniating faithful Christians by calling them Pharisees is not the work of Christ.  It’s just false shepherding.

The Pope closes with a brief description of some nice Christians, but I don’t think the people he’s envisioning are actually very nice at all.





Truth is heresy in FrancisChurch

Facts are science are heresy in FrancisChurch

Pope Francis has put the entire Church Militant in the position of having to either promote false doctrine and junk science or be called heretics.  On the one hand it’s a crime that Leftist dissidents are able to credibly petition a historically faithful Catholic media giant on behalf of the Pope.  On the other hand, when you see this painful debate, you’ll know why Global Warmists absolutely must never be made to confront facts.

Global warming activists are applying pressure to EWTN, the global Catholic Television network to stop broadcasting the views of climate skeptics. The left-leaning ‘social justice’ group, Faithful America, has started a petition to EWTN (Eternal World Television Network) to ban what they term ‘climate deniers’ from the network.

(Note: The movement to ban skeptics from television and media reporting on climate change has intensified in the past year. See: ‘Merchants of Doubt’ director pushing to ban Morano & other skeptics from TV.)

The activists are upset about a recent debate between Climate Depot publisher Marc Morano and the Environmental Defense Fund lobbyist Carol Andress.

The debate dealt with the Vatican and Pope Francis’ efforts to promote a United Nations global warming treaty.

The group sent out an appeal on May 27, urging EWTN to ‘Stop broadcasting climate denial

Excerpt: Our goal: 15,000 signatures – Posted: May 27, 2015

One of the world’s largest Catholic media outlets is accusing Pope Francis of confusing Catholics by preparing a ground-breaking encyclical urging world leaders to tackle climate change.

In a recent segment, Eternal Word Television Network (EWTN) even invited notorious climate denier Marc Morano to “debate” whether climate change is real. Worse yet, EWTN host Raymond Arroyo questioned man-made climate change and claimed that the pope was somehow supporting abortion by meeting with the United Nations about climate change.

It’s time for Catholic media outlets like EWTN to stop making common cause with right-wing political activists to undermine Pope Francis — and stop spreading misinformation about the climate crisis.

Pope Francis has issued a prophetic call to recognize the scientific reality of climate change and how the destruction of God’s creation is harming the world’s poorest people. Please stop offering a platform for climate deniers to spread misinformation and undermine the pope’s moral leadership.

Has there ever been a time when Catholics were forced so continuously to defend the Church and her teaching against the Pope himself?  We are in a pickle here and we must fight hard.  The FrancisVatican should be moved to uphold or renounce the Faith directly, not spin.  It’s pastoral!