Full enabled to penetrate Catholic communities, now.

Fully enabled to penetrate Catholic communities, now.

If these top Washington bureaucrats are so smart that they rule over us, inform the United Nations, and now drive the Vatican; why do they betray their careful schemes to the press? Is it carelessness?  Do they assume they are commiserating with someone who, of course, also thinks Catholicism is just a tremendous hoax played on the simple, or is it just their egos?

EPA administrator Gina McCarthy said there is no need to continue debating the science behind climate change.

“I can remember a day when the weather report was in the middle of the domestic and international news and took about a minute and a half. It wasn’t the news. When you go on the news today the first thing you’ll hear about is the weather. So there is a dramatic difference in the way people perceive the ability of the climate to impact their lives because they’re feeling it today,” McCarthy said during an event sponsored by the Christian Science Monitor.

Their endless climate propaganda is its own proof.  Like Jack Nicholson said in The Shining,  “It’s okay. He saw it on the television.”

“I think we need to make it very clear and not continue to debate the science. I think we need to get more people speaking about it than EPA, or NOAA or NASA. I mean, those people are great and looked at as being experts, not necessarily the best at making climate change science personal for people so they understand it,” she added.

Why does she speak of the organization she runs as ‘those people?’  Is it so enormous she doesn’t even feel like she’s part of it?  Like a Nazi McCarthy shouts, “No more debates!”

Hmmm.  How can we make the global warming scam ‘more personal?’  How can we get the stupid masses to understand?  If only we could put one of our boys at the top of the Church, we could get all those pope-worshiping Catholics to do what we say.

McCarthy, who met with the Pope Francis in January to discuss climate change, applauded his encyclical as “a big game changer.” She said it’s America’s “moral responsibility” to act on the issue.

These elitist anti-life overlords looooooove that encyclical.  Now it’s moral!  The Catholic doctrine is ours in new FrancisChurch.  We will finally penetrate those impossible Christian ‘communities.’

“He can reach to communities that we can’t. I think it’s very difficult to say the pope is saying it for political reasons. He’s, I think, able to make the case that this is really a factual occurrence that humans are impacting the climate, that’s it’s really important, that it’s most important for the poor, the low-income minority communities that can’t get out of the way of the climate impacts,” McCarthy said.

It’s very difficult to say that the pope is a political agent?  Why would that be a benefit for McCarthy to celebrate?  How is it they can speak of the leader of the Catholic Church as if he is at once hawking their fiction-driven agenda and at the same time perceived as the voice of wisdom and truth?

It’s because they think the Church is a lie already, so why not make it their lie.  It’s worked before, and now that we’ve gotten hold of the mechanism, it will work again.  The problem is, similar to those Detroit atheists dancing around their new Satan statue, they don’t know what they’re playing with.

The reason Gina McCarthy and others like her reveal their strategy is because they are so thrilled about Pope Francis they can’t contain their excitement.  Francis is really able to ‘make the case,’ she exclaims, that the poor can’t get out of the way of the climate!  But is that a case or a sell?

It all seems impossible.  This new Gospel has absolutely nothing to do with Christianity because it’s about stealing and hurting the poor, but their FrancisChurch will stick and spread even as it kills.  Why?  Because you can always find enough bitter malcontents around to pay to make trouble.  They did it to the Latin Church.  They can do it to the world.


'catholic' spiritual direction at New York's renewed Church of Our Savior

‘catholic’ spiritual direction at wreckovated New York’s Church of Our Savior?

How did New York’s Church of Our Savior go so deeply in debt in just one brief year?  One must assume that the ongoing wreckovations, which are ‘sensitive’ to the past yet prepared for future technologies, cost money.  There’s also that tremendous collapse in collections from the Park Avenue jewel.  Still, there are many other ways for a Manhattan parish to waste Catholic contributions in the new FrancisChurch.  For example, you can hire someone to ‘renew’ lay ministries and apply deep-tissue spiritual direction at the same time.

Kathleen T. Ullmann, Class of 2013, has been called by the Church of Our Savior, NYC, as their first pastoral associate for lay ecclesial ministries.

The entire Archdiocese of New York is now involved in a strategic planning process called Making All Things New to ensure that the pastoral care of parishioners is not sacrificed or short-changed as the Archdiocese engages in the merging of parishes. Ullmann will be tasked with accomplishing the renewal of lay ministries in the three parishes of Church of Our Savior, Church of St. Stephen and Our Lady of the Scapular, and Chapel of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary.

That’s handy.  While they’re busy chewing up three parishes and selling them off as priceless real-estate, scattering the flock and reshuffling them far from home, they’re also actually ‘renewing’ the lay ministries – and since it’s too much for the remainder priests and faithful volunteers, they bring in an expert.

Before receiving her MA in Theology as well as a certificate in Spiritual Direction from General, Ullmann received a Master’s Degree as an early childhood special educator and is a licensed massage therapist.  She has completed three years of CPE in various hospital settings in NYC and will soon begin another  year of CPE at VA Medical Center.

CPE is an ‘interfaith’ spiritual direction license, The General is an Episcopal Church seminary, and a massage therapist is paid to give massages.

There’s more to a wreckovation than just ‘renewing’ churches and the Mass.




Calm down right-wingers. The Holy See says the UN is quite the opposite of this.

Calm down. The Holy See says the UN is quite the opposite.

Vatican Global Warming Archbishop and UN point man, Marcelo Sanchez Sorondo, never has a good answer to a question:

The United Nations is not “the devil,” so a papal think tank is free to collaborate with the international body as well as people of any political persuasion, said Bishop Marcelo Sanchez Sorondo, chancellor of the Pontifical Academy of Sciences.

The church will continue to collaborate with the United Nations on any joint project that “does not go against the doctrine of the church,” he said at a news conference July 15.

The Vatican academy is sponsoring a one-day symposium July 22 with the United Nations’ global initiative, the Sustainable Development Solutions Network, headed by U.S. economist Jeffrey Sachs.

The unjust and oppressive schemes going on in the Vatican certainly do go against the doctrine of the Church, which is exactly why it’s entirely appropriate that it collaborates with the UN.  Of course the UN is not ‘the Devil’ but, much like Archbishop Sanchez Sorondo, it does make the Devil very pleased by doing all his dirty business.  He’s a huge fan.

“The United Nations is not the devil. Rather, quite the opposite,” he said.

If the United Nations is completely opposed to the devil it must be the Church, yes? – or even God himself!

Is the Vatican so infested there’s not a saved soul in it?

Blessed Pope Paul VI, who was the first pope to visit the United Nations, told the general assembly in 1965 that the world organization represented the mandatory path of modern civilization and world peace, Bishop Sanchez said. Successive popes showed the same kind of support with their own visits to the U.N., too, he said.

Speaking to the UN and doing its cruel job are two different things.  Citing the only Pope with the nerve to suppress the Mass of the Apostles and replace it with one he made up, and who flooded the hierarchy with faithless homosexuals, is at the least unconvincing.  I know Pope Francis made him a blessed so you’re right, there’s that.

“Therefore, I don’t see how there can be any problem” with collaborating with the United Nations, especially as the academy has worked with many other world organizations and leaders, he said.

That’s a good point.  The line of thugs and dictators trolling through the Vatican lately is quite long.  None of them are the devil either.

“To see the devil in the United Nations, which some on the right tend to do, is not the position of the Holy See,” he said.

Take that ‘position of the Holy See’ line to St. Peter at the gates.  That oughta fly.