By Elizabeth Yore

francis before congress

Former Senator George Mitchell famously said that,“God does not take sides in politics.” Mitchell’s observation might be about to change in the upcoming 2016 election.

The highest ranking Catholic in government, Vice President Joe Biden is rumored to be considering a presidential run. The timing of his announcement is reportedly in late September. With the critical 25% swing Catholic vote at play in this election, Biden may find a powerful, and surprising ally in his presidential bid. As they say, politics make strange bedfellows, and this upcoming fall, Biden will have a powerful compadre in his presidential election bid: a non-American, dressed in white, speaking Spanish, none other than, Pope Francis.

This week Biden told AP that “Pope Francis has breathed new life into what I believe is the central mission of our faith: Catholic social doctrine,” Biden added that Francis “has become a moral rudder for the world on some of the most important issues of our time, from inequality to climate change.” Translation for the upcoming political campaign: Pope Francis has breathed new life into what I believe is the central mission of my life, the Presidency of the United States. Pope Francis has became a moral rudder for the most important issues of the Democratic Party from inequality to climate change.

In late September, Pope Francis will visit the United States with appearances at the White House, a Joint Session of Congress, the United Nations and the Philadelphia World Meeting of Families.

In the two short years of his overtly political papacy, Francis assumed the role of an ad hoc Secretary of State. The Vatican and Obama administration closely collaborated on a key foreign and domestic issues. The political Pope covertly initiated and negotiated detente with Communist Cuba through back door Vatican diplomatic channels. These papal secret maneuvers allowed the Obama administration to open an embassy in Cuba, despite opposition from the Miami Cuban refugee community, who view the Pope as a willing pawn in the Obama dealmaking with violent dictators. The Pope will visit Cuba before his U.S. visit for a victory lap with the Castro brother dictators.

Following the Cuba concession, Pope Francis and Obama continued their foreign policy foray with the Iran nuclear deal. Pope Francis gave his papal blessing to the Iran nuclear deal before the details were even dry on the page or publicly revealed by announcing that “in hope we entrust to the merciful Lord the framework recently agreed to in Lausanne, that it may be a definitive step toward a more secure and fraternal world.” Surely, the U.S. Congress will hear this papal blessing invoking God to support the Iran deal, with the congressional Iran vote looming in the near future.

On the domestic front, the unholy alliance between the Vatican and the Obama Administration runs deep. EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy met with Vatican officials to coordinate the new and onerous EPA environmental regulations with the Pope’s environmental encyclical. McCarthy asserted that the Obama Administration and the Vatican are “deeply aligned on climate change.” Laudato Si reiterated Al Gore’s apocalyptic phony warnings of global warming and climate change-all elevated to moral tenets, which not surprisingly, are deeply ensconced in the democratic party platform.

Undoubtedly, in his UN keynote address, Pope Francis will urge the passage of the UN Sustainable Development Goals which, among other initiatives, promotes global access to abortion, a key diplomatic directive of the Obama Administration, one which aligns with Joe Biden who enjoys a 100% rating from pro abortion group NARAL in 4 of the last 5 years.

The political advantage for the democratic party that co-opts the papal agenda, as its own, and wraps itself in the popularity of the Pope, coupled with a Catholic presidential nominee, bodes political disaster for the Republicans in 2016. According to Pew Research, one-quarter of 2012 voters were Catholics. They continue to swing between the democratic and republican parties, depending on the nominee. Not since John Kennedy, have voters had the option to vote for a Catholic presidential candidate.

The Catholic vote will determine the next President of the United States. Pope Francis, as the leader of the Catholic Church, is popular with the secular mainstream media which supports and feverishly protects the Democratic Party. September will bring wall-to-wall coverage of the Pope Fest, as he embraces the Obama/Biden administration, and its EPA, and the United Nations. Then followed by the Biden presidential announcement. Timing is everything in politics.

Be prepared for Joe Biden to shadow the Pope throughout his visit. As President of the Senate, Vice President Joe Biden will be seated directly behind Pope Francis at the podium, when the Pope addresses to the Joint Session of Congress on September 24th. Picture Joe Biden repeatedly jumping to his feet and leading the cheers when Pope Francis urges open borders for immigrants, decarbonization, the evils of fossil fuels, and the approval of the Iran Nuclear Deal. Watch as the cameras focus on VP Biden’s pearly white grin when the Pope demands that the U.S. Government spend more taxpayer money on the poor and renewable energy, like windmills and those important Solyndra solar panels for the sake of global warming! The media will ensure that the huge viewing public will understand that Joe Biden shares the values of Pope Francis. What a subliminal endorsement!

Rest assured, that Biden will be featured prominently at the White House papal meet and greet, when President Obama caucuses with the Pope on September 23rd. After all, President Obama has recently anointed Biden, as his successor with the glowing endorsement that Joe Biden was “the smartest political decision he ever made and he will mount a successful campaign.”

Look for Joe Biden to attend the Papal keynote address at the September 25th UN General Assembly, and nod approval as the Pope exhorts the passage of the UN Sustainable Development Goals and the ratification of the December Paris Climate Treaty. Both initiatives are supported by the Obama Administration and Democrats, and will tax and fine Americans into poverty and finally achieve ‘hope and change’ in the form of redistribution of American wealth and prosperity.

Imagine the 2016 political TV ads! Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden huddled with and embracing the most powerful moral leader of the world, Pope Francis. Now those are some political coat tails.

Too bad the Pope can’t vote for Joe Biden, they share so many common values. But perhaps, he can. If Pope Francis crosses over from the Mexican border into the U.S., he just might be able to vote for a Joe Biden/Elizabeth Warren ticket.



Elizabeth Yore is an Attorney and International Child Rights Advocate. She served as a member of the Heartland Institute delegation to protest the Vatican exclusion of all scientific opinions and its reliance on population control experts. She served as Oprah Winfrey’s Special Counsel at Harpo, Inc. until 2012.   She was the General Counsel of the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children and the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services.

It's not evil, Francis. It just takes a leap of faith and a humble heart to open the door and go in.

It just takes a leap of faith and a humble heart to open the door and go in.

I read that years ago Pope John XXIII insulted the Church, calling it a only a museum if it would not yield to that ‘aggiornamento.’  That was a very dark thing to say.  It betrayed a contempt for the Faith and her past, a past which includes Christ, His Mother, His Apostles, His saints – all glorious human beings living yet today.

I wish Francis would make up some new schemes, and stop rebuilding the tired, ugly concentration camp that was the 1970’s Church.

A church that lives according to the Gospel must always have its doors open and be a welcoming community, not “an exclusive, closed sect,” Pope Francis said.

“Churches, parishes, institutions with closed doors must not call themselves a church; they must call themselves museums,” he said to applause during his general audience in St. Peter’s Square Sept. 9.

As part of a series of talks about the family, the pope focused on the close bond that should exist between the family and the Christian community.

The son of God chose to be born and immersed in the everyday life and routine of a simple family in a poor village, the pope said.

In fact, the family is where the “irreplaceable, indelible” start of one’s life story begins, which is “why the family is so important”.

When Jesus began his public ministry, he formed around him a community with a shared vocation, “that is, a con-vocation of people. This is the meaning of the word, ‘church,'” the pope said.

The group Jesus gathers around him has the features of “a hospitable family, not an exclusive, closed sect”, he said.

This truly is babble.  The only thread running through it is its socialism.  To preach against walls is to destroy.  Jesus was all about ‘the romanticized, mythical people’ see, specifically ‘the poor,’ and not all those other ‘structures.’  Structures close in, make walls.  Bad, bad.

That’s radicalism.  That’s Liberation Theology.  It’s simply an effort to disarm, to corral you into the structures they have waiting for you once they’ve wrecked those that belonged to you.  Out of the Holy House of your Faith and Church then into their barns,  it’s a stark picture of this pontificate.  Most people can’t seem to face it.

What about the Temple, or the Tent of the Presence?  These structures had ‘closed doors.’  What about the faithful Catholic worthily receiving Communion?

An institution without doors or walls is not an institution at all.  It’s rubble.  God has no real house at all in FrancisChurch.

An ‘exclusive, closed sect.’  Why must he smear the Church?  Heaven is exclusive.  Not everyone gets in, your Holiness.  Boundaries define things.  They make things holy, or ‘set apart.’  They discriminate between good and evil – or is that mean or something?




If that marriage is invalid, let's make this one valid. Call it a merciful 'renullment' or something.

If that marriage is invalid, let’s make this one valid. Call it a merciful ‘renullment’ or something.

The Eye-Witness blog has some rare truth about FrancisAnnulments, but it’s only common sense, really.

This is a dangerous business.

I am not alone in being concerned that the Pope’s new instant annulment process is just a part of the stage-management that has been going on by the movers and shakers of the upcoming Synod. It seems clear enough – especially by the timing – that this is a maneuver to both win some hearts and minds – uncritical hearts and minds, that is – while at the same time greasing the skids for the more radical moves that are intended for October.

Even Cardinal Burke, who is more than a little familiar with the annulment process and was active in that arena in its liberalized state, is uneasy about this, calling the easing of the annulment process “sentimentalism and false compassion.”  What His Eminence did not say is that it was already far too easy to get one, and even on the flimsiest of pretexts.

Sentimentalism.  That’s what’s Islamicizing Europe right now.  We are truly a debased, de-natured people.

Let us face some cold, hard facts.  The annulment process in recent decades has been an absolute farce.  In America especially.  It is so farcical that critics of the Church have rightly called it “Catholic divorce”.  A good example: a man and a woman (known to this writer) married seventeen years and the parents of seven children were granted an annulment.  No wife-beating was involved.  The husband was far from perfect but the wife had had enough of him.  So their marriage was declared to have “never existed in the first place”.

Whether the husband was a bounder or not, they were still sacramentally married.

Many of us in the active Catholic community have such stories.

That is one story among thousands.  The number of annulments granted in recent decades is by any standard ridiculous; in the past 2,000 years there were probably 82 annulments given by the Church.  Now they give out 82 per day.  It is as if the Marx Brothers were put in charge of marriage tribunals.

But the Eye-Witness sees something even more sinister at work than the destruction of society through this institutional malpractice.

The cheers from Catholics anxious to dump their spouses is deafening.  The cheers from supine clergymen supporting this new Francis edict are also deafening.  Fence-sitting Catholics, always willing to give the benefit of the doubt, are cautiously optimistic by this.  But all of these souls are falling into a booby-trap which will explode next month.  By their cheers of support they are providing a faux consesus for a Pope who it seems wants to show a false mercy towards divorced and remarried people and, far worse, homosexual cohabitation. If the Modernists can gain Catholic support for this new “merciful” annulment process the laid trap will be snapped in a few weeks.

The earmarks of Hollywood-style PR do seem to be all over this.  It reeks of contrivance.  Once again our emotions are being manipulated by clever men.  As far as the “merciful” aspect of this latest Francis move we remain sceptical.  Our common sense tells us that even more chaos is ahead, courtesy of the strange man who now occupies the Petrine Office.

‘Strange man.’ I see it.

If the entire faithful Catholic apparatus can look the other way at this latest atrocity, they’ll be demoralized enough to sign on to anything.