No Corpus on the Cross, No Christ in the message

No Christ on the cross or in the message

Here it comes.  FrancisVisit is ramping up and it’s going to be all politics.  Our propagandist-pope is going to be the subject of non-stop mega-hype.  If only I watched ABC news!

Pope Francis held a virtual audience with Americans in three U.S. cities on Monday, just weeks ahead of his first visit to the country later this month. In the first official meeting with the American public, the pope once again demonstrated his priority to pastor to often-marginalized communities by targeting issues relating to youth, homelessness and immigration.

During the audience, which will be part of an ABC News special airing on Friday, the pope said he is praying for the U.S. and asked for Americans’ prayers in turn.

The pope spoke from the Vatican to students at the Cristo Rey Jesuit High School in Chicago, individuals from homeless shelters in Los Angeles and immigrants at the Sacred Heart Catholic Church near the U.S.-Mexico border in McAllen, Texas.

Marginalized, youth, homeless, and illegal aliens – read liberal voters and  excuses for corrupt Democrat policy.  Hello, Pope Francis!  What about Catholicism and Jesus?

One 17-year-old student started crying as she told the pope about being bullied for a skin condition she has had her whole life. She said she has found strength in music, which inspired Pope Francis to make a special request.

“I would like to hear you sing,” the pope said in English. “May I ask of you to sing a song for me? Be courageous!” The teenager then treated Francis to song in the Argentine pope’s native Spanish.

Oh my gosh!  A crying bullied teenager with a skin disease and the Pope asks her to sing!  I’m completely flattened.  It’s like Heaven just landed in my television.  If this is the new Pope Francis Catholicism then I’m as on board as Castro!


What's up with those 'catholics' over there?

What’s up with those ‘catholics’ over there?

Bill Donohue’s Catholic League has released an extensive survey of Catholics.

Earlier this month, the Catholic League commissioned The Polling Company, headed by Kellyanne Conway, to conduct a nationwide survey of Catholics. In addition to the usual questions asked of respondents, we asked about issues the media have little interest in pursuing. We also dug deeper, seeking to tap the ways Catholics are conflicted over various matters.

The problem with many surveys is that they seek to elicit a black and white response to contemporary subjects; this is especially problematic when contentious issues are being weighed. Our survey was designed to allow for a more nuanced, and therefore accurate, response.

It’s almost impossible to find helpful statistical data on Catholics in the press.  This is simply because they adamantly refuse to consider any criteria that would identify the true Church militant:  those who are actually faithful and obedient to the Church.

Instead they count any baptized Catholic.  In a Church two generations from a heretical putsch and a complete collapse of faith, it’s easy to find ‘catholics’ like that.  It would be good for an organization to lend a little clarity.


The findings suggest that most Catholics are faithful sons and daughters, and this is especially true of practicing Catholics. To read my analysis of the survey data, click here. The analysis has been sent to the bishops of every diocese in the nation.

most Catholics are faithful sons and daughters, and this is especially true of practicing Catholics!

I haven’t looked at this survey but if you think, as that sentence reveals, that Catholics are faithful sons and daughters of the Church even when they’re not practicing, then you’re not adding anything to what’s already been done.  I’m sure the bishops will appreciate the effort though.

The Church must stop considering those who are neither practicing nor faithful as Catholics.  They are lost.  We lost them by chasing them.  When the sheep see the entire flock chasing after the lost sheep in unison, they follow the leader.  That’s how this happened.

Our Lord doesn’t chase.  He leads and has to be followed.




Just another corrupt priest?

At Renew America Catholic reporter Matt Abbott makes a statement about Father John Corapi, who dropped off the radar screen about four years ago after apparently leaving the priesthood.

A bit of good news to share: A reliable source has informed me that Father John Corapi, a popular priest among orthodox Catholics who departed public life after a tumultuous period a few years ago, remains in the priesthood and is re-establishing his spiritual life.

What does this mean?  Is father permitted to say Mass or hear Confessions?  Is he living in a monastery?  At some point will we hear something vindicating Fr. Corapi?  Will he return to public life one day?  I would have to guess that if he could he would.

There’s no indication he’ll be returning to public life anytime soon, if ever. However, it’s nice to know that Father Corapi can at least be a quiet prayer warrior during this extremely difficult time in the Church and world.

I won’t go into the particulars about what transpired in the past – it’s water under the bridge – and I’m sure there’s information on the Internet (some of it more reliable than other information, obviously) for those who may not be familiar with the situation. Plus, those who really didn’t pay attention to him in the first place likely don’t care one way or the other about his current status.

Father Corapi was very popular.  Many thousands were catechized and strengthened through his ministry.  He was not politically correct.  He was a conservative Catholic and a military man.  He was not reluctant to call out his superiors if he thought necessary.

The bottom line is that we all are wounded and spiritually/morally fall often (I know I do!). We just have to try our best to keep moving forward in faith in this “valley of tears.” A very difficult task, I must say. That doesn’t mean condoning moral corruption or remaining silent about it, but we all need God’s mercy.

I’ve never seen anything convincing about the accusations against Fr. Corapi but it isn’t surprising that his own leadership moved against him.  That kind of thing happens to faithful and effective Catholics at times.  Slander, false accusations, bogus proceedings and judgments.  It’s entirely possible.  I did however, see an entire Catholic media fall on him based on the internal conclusions.  I’m not satisfied that a bishop, a tribunal, and some hearsay are the last word on him.  I think few people know what actually happened.

It’s true he acted quite odd and he’s not saying anything.  What would you do if your enemies tried to crush everything you’d built and forced you to end your life confined in some facility run by heretics, homosexuals, and cutthroats?  He might have been looking at that possibility.  I’m not concluding he’s a victim.  I’m just saying that it wouldn’t be so unusual if he were.

Do you remember what they tried to do to Fr. Frank Pavone?  They said he was guilty of gross financial mismanagement, obfuscation, refusal to cooperate.  But when facts became released it just looked like he took on a bit more debt in a bad economy.  They sure had a lot of nasty accusations flying about the founder of Priests for Life though, and ahead of big elections.  He was skyping from his cell in the Texas desert.

In order for Father Corapi to be a fraud he would have to have been a fraud all along.  I can see a man sinking, but he was once faithful priest and a clear thinker.  Sin can darken a mind, but it doesn’t easily conquer someone with faith and with a conscience formed like that.