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“Love is all you need”

CNA reports:

After years of both direct and indirect remarks on the subject, German Cardinal Reinhard Marx issued his most direct statement yet in favor of offering Communion to the divorced-and-remarried.

In an Oct. 14 address to his fellow bishops from around the world, gathered at the Synod in Rome, he said that “we should seriously consider the possibility – based on each individual case and not in a generalizing way – to admit civilly divorced and remarried believers to the sacrament of Penance and Holy Communion.”

Now, this Cardinal is not really breaking new ground in terms of FrancisChurch.  Many important clerics have suggested this in the past two years.  If you’re lucky and discerning enough to obtain news of the Catholic Church you know that the Pope himself has signaled his agreement dozens of times.

This should be permitted, he continued, “when the shared life in the canonically valid marriage definitively has failed and the marriage cannot be annulled, the liabilities from this marriage have been resolved, the fault for breaking up the marital lifebond was regretted and the sincere will exists to live the second civil marriage in faith and to educate children in the Faith.”

Cardinal Marx’s statement follows years of increased calls from several of the German bishops for a change in the Church’s rules.

In the U.S. Archbishop Blase Cupich of Chicago has been even more bold.

“If people come to a decision in good conscience then our job is to help them move forward and to respect that. The conscience is inviolable and we have to respect that when they make decisions, and I’ve always done that.”

That’s true.  He has always done that.  Cupich has more, and it follows logically:

“I think that gay people are human beings too and they have a conscience. And my role as a pastor is to help them to discern what the will of God is by looking at the objective moral teaching of the Church and yet, at the same time, helping them through a period of discernment to understand what God is calling them to at that point,” he said. “It’s for everybody. I think that we have to make sure that we don’t pigeonhole one group as though they are not part of the human family, as though there’s a different set of rules for them. That would be a big mistake.”

If conscience is all, then adultery can be fine.  So can gay sex as far as Holy Communion goes.  But why do these powerful bishops think that this entirely new Catholic idea is good?  Do they presume that Our Lord would approve of their change after the faithful have believed otherwise for thousands of years?  Why must we hold along with Marx that something is good now when it was bad then?

The Cardinal gives us a hint:

“The reason given for this is that civilly divorced and remarried believers objectively live in continued adultery and thus in contradiction to what is shown symbolically in the Eucharist, the faithfulness of Christ to his Church,” he said.

However, he questioned, “does this response do justice to the situation of those affected? And is this necessary from a theological point of view of the sacrament? Can people who are seen to be in a state of grave sin, really feel that they wholly belong to us?”

Liberals throw words around like blankets to smother the truth.  They say “justice” when they want to do some injustice, they cite theology when they want to violate it, and they claim to be merciful when they want to do some cruel harm.

It’s also quite callous and telling to open with, “The reason given,” as if everything the Church teaches must have some practical justification and this excuse was laid upon us by an overbearing monster eons ago.  “is that remarried believers objectively live in continued adultery and thus in contradiction to what is shown symbolically in the Eucharist”

Is this why adulterous couples are not permitted to Holy Communion, because it screws up the symbol?  Is the Blessed Sacrament about transmitting some positive message?

Can people who are seen to be in a state of grave sin, really feel that they wholly belong to us?”

“Who are seen” to be in a state of grave sin?  Does he believe that they are?

Can they “really feel that they wholly belong to us?”

No.  They can’t really feel that way, and they can’t think it either because it’s not true.  They don’t wholly belong to us.  Sin separates, and the Church Militant, Suffering, and Triumphant are united in grace.  This is the Faith.

But Cardinal Marx, Archbishop Cupich, and Pope Francis, simply by their statements alone regardless of their many actions and omissions, are not so united.  They don’t comprise the true Church because they are removed at least by their heresy if not their other sins.  When these Protestants who reject Church teaching yet rule over it receive Holy Communion, they do so to their condemnation.  That is why they want to whole world to follow suit.

Why do sinners desire approval so desperately from faithful people?  Why must we all be forced condone illicit families and gay sex?  What difference does it make what we think if we aren’t really involved?  It’s something to do with the nature of evil.

We have been cursed with a heretic ensconced above the Church, while a good pope sits forced-out and imprisoned nearby.  We tolerated men like this as they suppressed the Holy Mass of the Apostles, and used Council documents to teach lies as if they were doctrine.  They emptied the Churches and the souls of men and filled the ranks with fiends and heretics.  What did we expect, that God would transform men who hate him into a conclave full of Christians?

For one reason or another we now have a ‘pope’ who is not one of us.  Neither are most of the bishops.  Anyone who preaches societal suicide and thievery as public policy and calls it ‘Catholic social justice teaching’ is an evil crook not a Christian.

There are questions about whether Francis is pope.  They are legitimate under the circumstances.  Marx, Cupich, and others were made bishops by popes in our time.  I can’t judge their canonical status.  What I do know is that they’re not actually Catholic because they don’t hold the Faith, nor do they teach it.  They don’t belong to the true Church of Christ.  Rather, they are outside it just like the sinners for who they claim to care so mercifully.

If we are ever going to have a Church that grows, not one that decomposes, we have to stop thinking of men like these as Catholic. We must have nothing to do with them because they are on their way to Hell, and we can’t get caught in their wake.  It’s not “accompaniment.”  It’s being an accomplice.  But you may say, “It’s the Church, it’s the Church.  That’s St. Peter’s Basilica!”

You will see The Awful Horror standing in the place where he should not be.

Francis and his false bishops should refrain from Communion and repent themselves.  Then maybe they’ll be in position to decide ‘pastoral’ policy.  Until then they require our contempt, not our allegiance.












Free man of God and a grass-roots effort

Free man of God and a grass-roots effort

I got a note today from someone who is frustrated about the ugly Synod in Rome and the hapless press and is concerned over The Remnant’s call for donations.

Here’s my response:


I guess this year people are expecting the heresy and tricks. Last year some of them were still surprised. This year people know the Catholic press is corrupt. Last year they were still getting used to it.

Why Voris, Weigel, and the media?  It’s the same thing that’s ruined everything: money.  It seems the powers-that-be have much more oppressive leverage since the TARP bailout and Obama.  Money must also be behind the Muslim colonization.  Someone holds the purse strings behind all these unwanted changes.

They even tie the banks to Benedict’s abdication.  You probably saw.  Regulators put the freeze on Vatican banking until the day he stepped down.

Today with Francis, a top Washington firm, Promontory, supposedly has access to the Vatican books, and the latest Vatican Bank capitulations have turned all their transactions ‘transparent’.  If the Church had not complied with these new rules, they’d continue to be charged with laundering.  Now, if someone gives the Vatican money, they know about it in Brussels and Washington; I’m sure D.C. takes note of big donations to the Church these days.

It’s rumored that healthcare money was behind John Roberts and Obamacare.

How are they making the whole world gay and genderless?  The same way they made adultery, abortion, hypersexuality, and divorce widespread; the same way they’ve divided men and women: Money.

What we call banking used to be called usury. Doctrine against it hasn’t changed; it’s just been suppressed.  No-one can even cite or explain it today.  The Church understood that banking was unjust.  It grew like a tumor out of the Enlightenment. It’s just a shell game anyway.  What are stocks?  What do you get for a ‘share?’  It only keeps ahead of the inflation when others want it more than you did.

Before the Federal Reserve, you could stuff money in your mattress and not lose it. Today they steal 4-10% every year if you don’t invest and take a risk.  Your gamble is what keeps them rich, just like in Vegas.  Banks were on both sides of the Napoleonic Wars and the Civil War.

Now we have insurance for everything, interest, high taxes, and inflation.  We have to pay the emperors for electricity, water, fuel, and communication.  We have to go to them for food and send kids to their schools.  We have to sit in expensive cars to reach their work facilities.  They say it’s progress, and that may be true in some ways, but you can’t deny it’s a kind of slavery.

All the while, the Church just keeps getting smaller, less orthodox, and less different.  What is a Catholic school anyway?  Even the few faithful colleges are all pope-worshipping ‘conservatives’ now.

Pro-Life politics doesn’t stop the genocide.  It seems almost to enable it.  We talk while they die.  Abortion is the absolute lowest sin, but for us it’s everything.  It’s almost the Faith itself.  But just like gay sex, it was beneath Our Lord to even speak of it in scripture.   What about the rest of what it takes to create a true Christian society, one that can guide us to Heaven?  Where is all that?

I don’t think God is impressed.  How much longer could we expect Christ to watch our weakness?

Pepin and the Papal States were essential to the Church.  It was only ninety years after they stole them from us that we got John XXIII.  Today the Church is what our rulers permit it to be; is it not?  They permit it to die.

So now The Remnant is in a spot, just when people are realizing they’ve been right. Nobody has any money for the Truth.

Maybe it’s time to do like St. Francis and the Apostles:  take a buddy, one pair of sandals, and make a lean-to.  At least until Peter comes around, maybe that’s all we’ve got.


Just take it. It's for your own good, and mine.

Just take it. It’s for your own good, and mine.

Pat Archbold has a post at the Remnant that does what Pat always does, applies a reality-check and much-needed perspective to the spindom that is FrancisChurch.

I am reminded of the famous Maginot line today as I saw a flurry of stories these past days about how the “conservatives” are standing up at the synod, closing the door to this or that innovation in doctrine. Case in point, Cardinal Vingt-Trois (fittingly a French Cardinal) said that those expecting “spectacular change” of Church doctrine will be disappointed.

O goody.

We see breathless stories from those who would like nothing more than spectacular change, crowing how the “Conservatives Struck First”

In his 7,000-word opening address on Monday morning, intended to set the tone for the synod’s work, Erdő seemed determined to close a series of doors that many people believed the last synod had left open — beginning with the controversial proposal of German Cardinal Walter Kasper to allow divorced and civilly remarried Catholics to return to Communion.

That Communion ban, Erdő insisted, is not an “arbitrary prohibition” but “intrinsic” to the nature of marriage as a permanent union. Mercy, he said, doesn’t just offer the possibility of forgiveness, it also “demands conversion.”

So the conservatives have learned the lessons from the first synod, we are told, and they will not let THAT happen again. They will not allow an interim document like THAT again. They will make sure to argue against changing doctrine on this matter and some may even argue against changes in discipline.

The conservatives are ready this time; they will not allow Germany to invade from the east again!!

The Pope’s opening words at the Synod were a powerful defense of Catholic teaching on marriage, for nine paragraphs.  Then surprise, he closed with two paragraphs of FrancisGospel.  The pathetic bone he threw to his orphaned Catholic social conservatives last week by covertly meeting with Kim Davis, was immediately swamped in a barrage of gay propaganda and deceit from Rome.  Once in a while Francis does something Catholic.  It’s a game.

Cardinals say things.  Everyone reassures.  These people aren’t your friends.


Closer to home, I was just starting to appreciate my obnoxious liberal pastor after years of pain and disgust, until this Sunday.  During the desperate lap around the Church he always makes to being Mass, in mock of any type of procession, he stopped to harass my wife about her chapel veil and pretended he would tear it off.  I think his mic was turned off this time.  (He usually keeps it on for his candid mumbles and jokes.)

Our relatively old 1960 church has eleven televisions, two of them twenty feet across in front, and six tower speakers to hear Father’s tone-deaf shouts and growls. It’s the loudest parish in the world.  He calls it a ‘megachurch’ but it’s really just about 135 suffering people with a mega A/V system.

Father refuses to let us have missals but apparently the Gospel reading was on marriage.  Then in his homily he told us that, despite what Our Lord said about divorce, regrettably sometimes it is necessary, of course.

That was a new low.  Separation can be necessary under threat for example, but divorce?  Perhaps a ‘legal’ divorce to protect your rights, but there’s certainly no such thing as an actual divorce.  Besides, divorced people almost always think what they did was ‘necessary.’  “We just couldn’t live together.”  “We’d grown apart.” “It was best for the children, so they don’t grow up with an example of an unloving couple”  It goes on and on.  Father might just as well have said, “This way to Hell.  Let me help you.”

Next, among the frightening prayers of the faithful we prayed for ‘all those who have had to divorce!”  I felt like I’d slipped down the street to the Methodists.

If you celebrate and disseminate changes in Church doctrine, you reveal yourself an apostate with no faith at all.  The Church can’t be wrong then and right now, or right then and wrong now.  If you believe it’s only right now, then you’ve put your faith in ‘now’ and not the Church.  Faith in ‘now’ is not faith at all.  It’s just a nervous need to run with the pack, like pigs over a cliff.

Finally during Communion, the band at the side of the altar sang one of the most sickening love songs I’d ever heard.  I only remember one line though:

“The fragrance of your presence intoxicates me”

That may be in the Bible somewhere but I’m starting to feel like I’ve been captured by some homo-Church and pinned down with a knife to my ear.


At morning Mass today, the Prayer of the Faithful asked us to pray that the Synod would provide relief for those who can’t receive Holy Communion because of some ‘obstruction’ in their marriage.

Lector:   Please, God remove those obstructions from our marriages.

All:          Lord hear our prayer?

Is this Mars?

(We then prayed for the ship lost at sea in the recent hurricane.  Why do we have to pray for something on the TV news all the time?  Aren’t there ten people locally who just had their throats cut or were shot?  Why does it always have to be a TV tragedy?)

Tomorrow we’ll probably pray for all those who are obstructed from getting a divorce for some rigid reason.

I don’t know what fiends provide input to Prayers of the Faithful, but it must be injected somewhere at a national level.  Not only is the Synod false and pre-concluded, they already have all their propaganda lined up for the old people and remaining victims who are dim enough to appreciate an hour and fifteen minutes worth of repulsive ‘worship’ on Sundays.






The horrible sight of John Boehner bawling and Jo Biden pretending to hold back tears when Francis spoke to Congress, just a day before Boehner himself was finally deposed as GOP Speaker of the House, will be forever etched in my mind.

Since the moment Francis walked on the balcony I’ve been convinced he was an Obama-Pope.  Some cardinals claim to have done it.  Some say it was the banks, which were effectively nationalized when the president took office.  It’s obvious to me that whatever world powers were capable of toppling a faithful sitting Pope after several hundred years would of course have their own Pope in mind to replace him.  What would be the point, if you just got another Catholic Pope?  Benedict seemed to think that would happen when he abdicated.  Was it wishful thinking or just baloney?

And Francis seemed primed and ready to make the Church a willing stooge of the Left, a shepherd of souls of course – just leading them right into the statist tank where they can stay ignorant of the faith, reject the Sacraments, rot morally, then go to Hell.  The problem is he can only go so far so fast because he’s the Pope.  He can be Obama’s Pope, but it’s hard to actually be an Obama-Pope.

The Catholic League’s Bill Donohue has some reaction to the fact that Pope Francis met secretly with Kim Davis, the Kentucky clerk who was jailed briefly for refusing to sign gay marriage certificates.  No one seemed to be aware of this meeting with the Pope himself at the time, and the Vatican refused to openly confirm it happened, but nevertheless the FrancisMessage got out.  Now the new false Catholic Right is gloating and the FrancisChurch leftists are angry that the Pope seems to care about religious freedom even the face of gay fascism.

Donohue’s message to the Left is, “Of course the Pope is Catholic and you were fools to think otherwise.  Stop expecting the Synod to automatically do your gay bidding now.”  But both of his assertions are misleading.  The Pope does not demonstrate Catholicism.  He demonstrates Liberation Theology, a sort of bewildering Communist Protestantism.  Sometimes he does Catholic things. Sometimes he says Catholic things.  That’s what Protestantism is.  It’s Christian, sometimes.

Secondly, there’s no reason to expect something Catholic from the Synod.  When the dirty deed is done, people like Donohue will either be silent, or spin it into victory.  That, unfortunately, is their new job.

Spinning is key to FrancisChurch since it is almost entirely hype.  Who can say what the numbers were for the American FrancisPilgrimages?  From what I can tell, the entire Philadelphia event was a flop.  Even at the planning stages, there were complaints of scads of unwanted tickets and unmade reservations while the press continued on about the millions who would descend.  Obama-State security shut down the city for something that could have easily been managed.  People were furious.

Now the mayor is yelling and throwing blame around.  His entire constituency lost a bundle in business.  They feel used, and they were.  The painfully obsequious Archbishop Chaput declared the moment, “very successful,” and touted numbers of 900,000 visitors.  They had been anticipating well over a million.  They actually got something between 80,000 and 140,000.  People don’t come out to see Francis really.  They just don’t.

But there is certainly a lot of fawning and FrancisWorship.  There’s plenty of that.  There are countless celebrities who praise, but of course it’s their job to praise things that keep their acts in business.  Aretha Franklin, the tremendous singer who turned Gospel music into pop, said Pope Francis embodied the themes of her signature song, “Respect.”  That song is about sex but nevertheless. It’s rumored she earned $200,000 for that papal event and basically ignored the Pope.  She even stood right in front of him, blocking him with her back while she sang Amazing Grace.

There’s much more FrancisWorship though, among bishops.  Almost immediately they came out of the woodwork from all around the world to pay homage to the Spirit of God acting through ‘him,’ and chided us about his new gospel of global warming, illegal immigration, poverty programs, and pacifism in the face of Muslim terror.  After the U.S. trip, Canada’s notorious Fr. Rosica said we’d all seen “not only the shadow of Peter, but God’s power working in him…Many of us, including this writer and priest, have been healed.”  Poor Archbishop Kurtz, current head of the USCCB, seemed to stumble when he commented, “Five days that felt like five weeks; that’s how beautiful it was.”

I actually think that was almost honest.

While the ‘humble one’ tells arms-makers they’re going to Hell and every parish to take in Syrians, he of course, is protected by an elite guard.  He jets around the planet creating carbon dioxide, then appears briefly in a Fiat.  He never stops crying about the poor, something entirely repugnant to hard-working poor people everywhere, then gets served veal and lobster salad, and plenty of it.

What is the result of all this?  Well, it has nothing whatsoever to do with what you’ll hear in the press, but everything to do with human nature.  Francis is repulsive to people, almost as repulsive, unfortunately as what goes for Catholic Mass is to most normal men and women.  I mean repulsive not in the sense of disgusting, but in repellent.  He repels people, pushes them off and out.  Even Francis knows his popularity is trumped-up.  He witnesses his attendance figures in person.

In the end, back to Boehner and Bill Donohue’s telling use of the word, “base” to describe these new believers in the FrancisGospel.

The true Catholic press of course folded almost immediately when Francis walked out on the balcony.  The latest inglorious example is the once-faithful now arrogant, FirstThings.  Now there’s great pressure among such outlets to create a new political alignment within the Catholic world, where ‘conservatives’ are now these FrancisLiberals who go for all kinds of silly, unjust and destructive causes because the Pope does, but stay true to what remaining Catholic principles the Pope has.  In this new alignment, actual conservatives are just far-right nuts with no hold on the reality of FrancisPlanet, and those Donohue calls ‘the Pope’s base’ are just flat out liberals.

The problem is, and the FrancisVisit figures demonstrate it, that this realignment will never reflect reality.  Just as the Obamacare/Planned Parenthood-funding GOP never reflected the Republican voter in the era of Boehner; FrancisChurch will never move faithful Catholics.  If the world powers-that-be in the reign of Obama have created a Pope in Francis, then he’s not the Obama-Pope.  He’s the Boehner-Pope.  His Church will only pretend to be Catholic like Congress pretends to have principles, and the people will reject the ugly spectacle no matter what the hype.

ObamaWorld hasn’t made the Church it’s own.  That’s not possible.  They’ve just neutralized it by installing a figure who will negate it’s power to save and heal.  The real Church will continue to die since it’s being smothered.

Rosica may worship and Aretha may dance, but no Christian pilgrims will come out for FrancisChurch.