What angered the tyrant Francis most about the Synod wasn’t that he couldn’t get the bishops to directly enable his blatant sacrilege against Our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament.  It’s that he couldn’t muscle them into consent.  Liberals become furious when they can’t force you to do their evil.  But just like Obama and his Congress, Francis is going to prevail.  He’ll have his mortally sinful reception of Communion.  He had just wanted to give the impression that the entire Church agreed with his new religion.

Yesterday it was barely noted that the Lutheran delegation reported the Vatican gave them Holy Communion at Mass. They were told to receive if their consciences had no objections.  Regardless of the fact that if one’s conscience held him back he may as well become Catholic, Francis said the same last Fall to an Italian Lutheran group.  For that single act he should have been asked to step down from the papacy, but there were no bishops to do it.

Today we learn that, after repeatedly defying the Church law himself and washing women’s feet Maundy Thursdays, Francis has decreed his crime legal.  It was a concession to common practice, see?  ‘Everyone was doing it’.  Isn’t that what every sinner and criminal says?

Everyone cheats on their spouses, sure.  They all lie about how much money they earn, right?

Just try washing exclusively men’s feet now.  Hello convent chaplaincy!

This is how we’re going to get official sacrilegious Communion:  by decree, and in deference to common practice.

Pope Francis regularly says things that are not Catholic just like his precursor did, the evil and vulgar Martin Luther.  Perhaps more frightening is that the world is completely invested in this new FrancisChurch.  Top consultants strategize its moves, presenting slick one-world videos, and prompting the Curia to speak the language of the cult of Francis.

The Vatican was quick to scramble when it was reported that a woman in Francis’ encampment of pet homeless people had given birth near the Bernini columns.  Spokesman Fr. Lombardi said papal almoner, Abp. Konrad Krajewski, kindly offered her shelter in the Vatican’s home for young mothers.  Lombardi wouldn’t give him credit though when asked, for all his works for the homeless are done in the name of Francis.






Damian Thompson broaches the subject of the two-pope quandry today by first announcing that he’s about to wildly speculate.

Would Benedict have resigned if he knew Francis would succeed him? Purely hypothetical but interesting. Benedict must have known there was a chance that Cardinal Bergoglio would succeed him. My guess is that when the Argentinian emerged on the balcony the Pope Emeritus was dismayed but concluded that God works in mysterious ways. A more interesting, albeit even more hypothetical, question is whether Benedict would have resigned if he’d known Francis would call a synod that threw open the question of whether divorced and remarried Catholics should receive Communion.

My guess is that Benedict wasn’t the least bit surprised to get Bergoglio.  After defending the faith for two pontificates, how could he possibly have blamed God for the election of man like Francis?

Why does Benedict wear white?  Benedict’s decision to dress as pope – minus the little mozzetta cape around his shoulders, and switching from red to brown shoes – sends a signal to the faithful. But what signal? We don’t need reminding that he used to be the Supreme Pontiff. My theory is that, by remaining in papal white, Benedict communicates that although he is an ex-pope he is also a living successor of Peter. It would be fascinating to know whether Benedict feels that he retains some spiritual status or responsibility by virtue of having held his office.

Fascinating indeed!  Perhaps he’s almost papal himself.

Do some Catholics believe there are two popes? The Italian journalist Antonio Socci has proposed that Benedict XVI’s resignation was not canonically valid because he was forced out. He and other conspiracy theorists therefore believe there is only one pope, but he is not called Francis. This is nonsense. As for the “two popes” business, no one thinks there are two reigning pontiffs.

I’ve written before that I think it would be a bit of a stretch to expect God, if it were the case, to give the papal charism to a man installed by the enemies of the Church after a reigning pope was pulled down from the thrown.  I’m not sure we can faithfully presume God will go beyond what He’s always done.  I’ve never read that Socci believes Francis is not pope.  He doesn’t think he’s Catholic though, and I have to agree.

I don’t think Socci’s a ‘conspiracy theorist’ like Robert Dear.

In a time where there are two popes, an original and a second, and when such great evil reigns, I don’t think it’s nonsense to ‘speculate’ that the one who was pope first might still be pope.  His resignation may have been compelled by force, under the gun so to speak, and not willed by him at all.  Would that make Francis not Pope?  I don’t know.  Perhaps.  The Benedict XVI situation is almost entirely unprecedented, really.

As to the assertion, “no one thinks there are two reigning pontiffs,”  it seems Thompson is letting his blue blood show.  That fact is no-one with any establishment ‘credibility’ expresses that, but still people must wonder.

Thompson closes with this unfortunate whopper:

Of one thing we can be certain: he believes that the Keys of Peter were handed to Jorge Bergoglio by the Holy Spirit, in whom the faith of the Pope Emeritus has never wavered.

How could the man know that?



interfaith chapel

Interfaith chapel. Please face the wall.

Did you know that God’s actual name is Mercy?  it’s not ‘God.’  It’s not Father, not Son, not Holy Spirit.  It’s definitely not Justice, no!  It’s Mercy.  Just ask the Francis.

Did you know that God’s name, Mercy, is verified on His I.D. card.  His I.D. card says Mercy on it too, so there you go.

Isn’t it a coincidence that the name verified on God’s I.D. card turns out to be Mercy during the Holy Year of FrancisMercy when there are over ten thousand Holy MercyDoors being opened by cowed bishops around the world?  Even Hindus come get the mercy from Francis, I mean, the god whom Francis named.

Did you know that God’s name is also Allah?  I guess it’s Allah and it’s Mercy both, yes?  Well, yes and no.


UPDATE:  Did you know that Francis is also merciful?  Beloved Italian comedian Robert Benigni said Francis was a “waterfall of mercy” who is “dragging the whole Church toward Christianity.”

I suppose he’s a waterfall of God, you might say.  Where was the Church before this ‘merciful one’ arrived to throw a rope around it?  Sliding into the pit of Hell?




Brimming with non-traditional happiness and joy

Brimming with non-traditional happiness and joy.

Even with the best intentions, you can’t dip your toe in the liberal cesspool.  They’ll just use you to attack your compatriots in the battle for everything that’s true and good.  Fr. Dwight Longenecker’s unearthed an old article by Steve Skojec lamenting traditionalist ‘joylessness.’

An article by Steve Skojec has surfaced on social media in which he argues that traditionalist Catholics need to be happy, joyful folks so that everyone realizes what a great treasure they have in the Tridentine Mass.

He criticizes traditionalist Catholics of an extreme sort, explaining what it was like when he started to attend the Latin Mass

Did Skojec imagine he’d become a vehicle someday to blast conservative Catholics and the people at The Remnant when he wrote this piece almost six years ago?  Who could have predicted FrancisChurch?  Still, there’s no point in making Fr. Longenecker pleasantly surprised, even if it’s via the hands some mole who’s dug up ancient dirt.

I was surprised to read Steve’s article since whenever I had come across his writings I thought he was firmly among “the angry traddies” and his writings seemed to typify the dour and judgmental atmosphere he was criticizing in his article.

Then I checked the post and realized the article was written over five years ago. Maybe Steve’s attitude went South after Pope Francis’ election…

To be honest I haven’t read enough of Steve’s stuff to know if my impression of him being an “angry traddy” is fair. So I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt and hope that he’s the happy traddy that he hopes traditionalists will be.

“Happy traddy?”  Is that a goal or something?  Is this a daycare center?

It just gets uglier from there.

So why does there still have to be the sour, negativity, suspicion and persecution complex among some who call themselves traditionalist? Furthermore, why do some go on to pick up not just traditionalist Catholic worship, but also get infected with all that scary right wing, racist, conspiracy theory anti-Semitic stuff? The more radical ones play the victim saying they are a persecuted minority, but they sure don’t mind loading their weapons and taking pot shots at everyone with whom they disagree.

In my opinion it doesn’t have anything to do with liturgy or even with the Catholic faith. I think it just comes down to personality types. Some people tend to see their world and themselves in a certain way. The world is going to hell in a hand basket and we few, we faithful few will be “the Remnant” who survive the coming conflict and rise above it. In the meantime, everyone else out there are the enemy and they’re out to get us.

I’m exaggerating to make my point, but if my hunch is right, then that sort of person is likely to be drawn to a conservative form of religion, and if they’re Catholic it will be traditionalism. If I’m right, then they are unlikely to be the happiest of people to deal with. They’re likely to be a little bit suspicious of others and tend toward argumentation and anger.

Not like Fr. Longenecker.  There’s no anger in that guy!  It’s all sweetness and light I’m sure, brother in Christ.

Gee, these faithful conservative Catholics are a bunch of miserable jerks! Hey, can you find an agency to help resettle some more Muslim ‘refugees’ in my neighborhood?  I’m having a New Year’s party and I’m feeling the FrancisEffect!

Did you know Patheos has a voodoo channel?



Msgr. Pope, and the now mainline National Catholic Register, jumped the shark with last week’s attack on the Ancient Mass.  Isn’t it too soon to pretend that the new FrancisChurch of Mercy is ‘revitalizing’ the faith and making it ‘vibrant’?  Unless they were paid for it, few people have been silly enough to sashay through these stupid doors they’re flinging open everywhere.  So, cue the Register: time to attack the pitiful ‘closed-in’ group of pharisees they occasionally permit to commute to a faithful Mass.

It’s not that the ancient Mass is bad, it’s just that the people are so lazy about evangelizing!  When are they going to do that FrancisJazz?  Do they even have MercyDoors?

It’s really so sad and discouraging to see these brilliant men, who’ve given their lives to Christ, play the miserable fall guy in this NuChurch of ugly.

Evangelization matters. Effectively handing on the faith to the next generation matters. Attending Mass regularly and supporting the work of the Church matters. Vocations matter. Sacrificially offering our time, talent, and treasure matters. These truths matter throughout the Church and in every different setting.

You know what else matters? Faith.  Faith matters.  The only thing driving the FrancisChurch hierarchy is money –  government money, powerful money, UN money, but not faith.  The kind of ‘evangelizing’ that Monsignor is talking about requires well-placed speakers, television screens, professional groomers, and loud empty-headed sentimental preening.  You have to pay for that kind of thing (nobody is going to cough up their contributions) and they have plenty of money for that.  They have plenty of destroyer money.

The point of FrancisChurch is to crush Catholicism and turn it into some government department of ‘love’.  Why did Cardinal Dolan decide to sell-off half the churches in Manhattan before Francis even got his mercy going?  Because he, and Mayor de Blasio, and Obama are implementing the plan.  Not to sound conspiratorial, but all things happen according to a plan, and people who rule over you have one.  It’s not about dying parishes and lazy Catholics.  It’s about no Catholics and no parishes.

Those mostly elderly, who are stalwart enough to continue to attend the Paul VI Mass despite the fact it was designed to repulse Catholics, need to be handled.  Now is the time.  They can’t go to Mass if there are no churches.

Why are there no priests in FrancisChurch?  Because they don’t want any, and can you imagine giving your lives and obedience to men like these bishops and their boys?  Honestly?

One of our parishes generously offers a Solemn High Mass once a month on Sunday afternoon, a Mass that I myself have celebrated for over 25 years. But we have gone from seeing the church almost full, to two-thirds full, to now only about one-third full.

Explanations abound among the traditional Catholics I speak to about the lack of growth in attendance at the Traditional Latin Mass. Some say that it is because more options are now available. But one of the promises was that if parishes would just offer the Traditional Latin Mass each parish would be filled again. Others say there are parking issues, or that the Mass times are not convenient, or that the Masses are too far away. But these things were all true 20 years ago when the Solemn Mass was thriving.

Every other Sunday my family drives thirty miles to the Latin Mass at 2pm.  I hate going to Church at 2pm on Sunday.  Everyone does.  But I have no choice.  My local pastor says almost all the weekend Masses and he’s a twisted ball of liberal self-loathing.  His Mass is nothing like Catholic.  It’s just third-rate entertainment with an evil message.  I HAVE to drive to the Latin Mass, but I don’t WANT to.

Holy Mass is not supposed to be something you want to do.  It’s something you must do for the love of God and the good of your soul.  If they don’t offer it anywhere, and tell people to go for Heaven’s sake, of course it won’t grow.

Everyone at the Latin Mass I attend is in the same boat.  Our problem is that we’re Catholic.  It’s a beautiful Mass.  It’s like Heaven not Hell, and from what I see attendance is growing and growing, but not for long I’m sure.  As the FrancisChurch noose tightens, men like Msgr. Pope, who seem to have spent years repelling faithful Mass-goers, will rise to the occasion and swing a hammer at them yet again.

If only all the Latin Mass churches could just conveniently burn down like they do in Blase Cupich’s Chicago!



Despite the fact that almost no actual Catholics have ventured to Rome to float through the MercyDoor, there is some FrancisMercy-related news in the secular Italian media.  In the off-year Holy Jubilee, for some reason Roman loafers think it’s time to occupy other people’s homes for free.

Rome (AFP) – Italian police clashed with squatters in central Rome Tuesday during a housing rights demonstration, with protesters saying evictions should be put on hold during Pope Francis’s “Year of Mercy”.

Uniformed and plain-clothes officers scuffled with members of RAM, the acronym of the Metropolitan Housing Resistance group which organised the protest, and its spokesman said nine people had been detained.

Demonstrators held a sit-in atop scaffolding on a building opposite Rome’s prefecture and hung banners reading “Stop evictions” and “We are not terrorists”.

At least they’re not terrorists. Do you think some of them might be Muslim ‘refugees’?  It doesn’t matter.  Whoever they are, they have a perfect understanding of FrancisMercy, much clearer than the most sophisticated faux-Catholic FrancisApologist.  Whether it’s earthly goods or God’s pardon, FrancisMercy just means expecting to be given something for which you have no right.

In the street below, some 100 Italians and foreigners called for Rome to address a growing housing crisis.

“Every day there are between 30 and 50 families in Rome put out on the street,” said Omero Lauri, 51, RAM spokesman.

“The situation has got much worse recently with the excuse of terrorism,” he said, with fears of jihadist violence since the Paris attacks last year leading to heightened concerns over undocumented people living off the radar.

But Alejandro Moncada from Equador, 35, said security issues were just an excuse to intensify evictions.

“The irony is that it is the pope’s Year of Mercy,” he said, in reference to a special Jubilee year called by Francis from December 8, during which pilgrims are urged to dedicate more time to merciful acts and helping the disadvantaged.

“This year should be about helping the weak, not treating us like terrorists,” said the father-of-one, who has been in Italy for 12 years along with his wife and parents, but struggles to find work as a cleaner.

Is every bum in Europe now being confused with a terrorist?  If you get evicted for mooching off your landlord is that counter-terrorism?  Does being generally useless and broke mean you’re weak? Is this ‘cleaner’ who’s been unemployed for ten years someone else’s fault?

Catholic religious adherence and worship are acts of justice to God, who is both merciful and just.  As leader of the Catholic faith, the Pope is supposed to teach us how to treat God and each other with justice and love.  What are we supposed to do and why?  What is the pathway to follow Christ?  Instead, the FrancisEffect encourages bums to make unjust demands on others and think it’s moral.  They learn to flout, hurt, and ignore God, then presume he’s  ready to welcome them into Heaven with open arms.

Property and Catholic doctrine are twin enemies of the current man in white.

From the moment he walked out on the balcony, the FrancisEffect has been an enormous barrage of airy hype, nothing like the solid reality of Christ and His universe.

NC Reporter’s Robert Mickens writes:

Pope Francis is no longer drawing the massive crowds that were so evident in the first two years of his pontificate.

Statistics suggest that many fewer Christian pilgrims are coming to Rome to pray at the tombs of the apostles — or those of the saintly and not-so-saintly dead popes — that are found in various churches, crypts and catacombs throughout the Eternal City.

But even more worrying is that these pilgrims, and all other types of tourists, are no longer flocking to St Peter’s in record numbers to see the reigning pope himself.

I don’t believe numbers have ever been good for Francis.  Right-thinking people smelled a rat with Benedict fled.  You have to live in your television to embrace FrancisChurch.

This has led some scribes to declare that the Holy Year of Mercy, which Francis opened last Dec. 8 and will bring to a close at the end of next November, is doomed to be a colossal flop.

No crowds, no party.

Catholics who have been resistant to the Jesuit pontiff’s “revolution of tenderness and mercy” must be smiling. They have been terrified that his intention is to use the Jubilee to unleash a tidal wave of God’s mercy and forgiveness, even to the point of allowing divorced and remarried members of the church to return to receiving the sacraments.

God forbid. This just will not do.

These peoples’ greatest nightmare is that this borderline heretic pope, who never even earned a doctorate in theology, might be tempted to conform the church’s doctrine to “the spirit of the world” and end up peddling “cheap grace.”

This is not an exaggeration.

Of course it isn’t.  Only an effeminate harpie would be shocked to find otherwise.

There are even bishops — some of whom are in the College of Cardinals — who use these exact terms. But their greatest fear is that the doctrinally impoverished Francis could be duped to actually usher in — hold on your rosary beads! — the “Protestantization” of the Catholic church.

It is in incredible that fifty years after the Second Vatican Council (1962-1965), there are still Catholics who continue to look with such contempt at their brothers and sisters who belong to the Reform churches and communities. More horrifying is that not a small number of them are comfortably ensconced in the Vatican or employed in the Roman Curia.

But it does not matter.

Pope Francis’ “revolution” is well underway and gaining momentum. Even if many millions of pilgrims do not come to Rome during the Holy Year, this phenomenon cannot be slowed down.

With the world and all its money-power behind it the NewMercy isn’t going away, that’s true.   But it will never be real and it will never replace the real Church.

Mickens’ visible hatred reveals the Satanic heart behind FrancisChurch.

In fact, the pope does not want huge crowds of people to come to Rome for the jubilee. He wants them to celebrate the yearlong event in their home dioceses, by being the first pope ever to encourage every diocesan cathedral around the world to have its own holy door. And not just the cathedrals, but also all significant shrines and even chapels in every prison.

Oh I see.  Francis doesn’t want anyone in Rome.  This is all supposed to happen at home and in prisons.  Maybe I’ve walked through a MercyDoor already by accident.  It’s funny I didn’t feel anything.

Perhaps the other old souls still stepping anywhere near a local Catholic parish didn’t notice their silly MercyDoors either.  In their ‘bitter contempt’ they thought those were just doors, nothing magical, bewitching, or spellbinding.