Does the Pope make any distinction in his mind between something he thinks and something that is more or less a Papal pronouncement? Is it just war teaching that use of force can never be unilateral, or that it must always be kicked to the corrupt U.N.?

Will the shameless pope-worship out of the Catholic Press, the bishops, and token religious never stop?  How could meeting the Pope, make your life, or move you, give you strength, and give you energy “like a motor?” What is he, God?  I get worn out just looking at his picture.

Is ISIS Islam just a weird sex fiend cult?  How do you capture and circumcise grown men and pretend it’s virtuous?

Is it completely evil now to think of living and dying outside the Faith as renouncing Heaven? How can one pretend this isn’t Catholic teaching, unless of course you’re just trying to make doomed Protestants out of all of us? Misery loves company they say. The structure of the Faith collapses when you fail to proclaim union with the Church free of heresy or mortal sin.

Isn’t is nice that China likes the Pope and let’s him fly over it’s airspace?  I sense dialogue coming.

Doesn’t anyone care that Liberation Theologists are Communists, that the Pope shares their vision, and that he’s making saints that aren’t so saintly?


One Thought on “Random Thoughts – Catholic Edition

  1. P D Scott on September 3, 2014 at 3:23 am said:

    Right behind you–the Pope is not God, sometimes I wonder if he is even Catholic. To openly admire Liberation Theology, and even reinstate a priest that was kicked out due to it–was insane. They are Communists. Yet on he blabs the celebrity Protestant pope francis, encouraging everyone , Protestants, atheists, Muslims to stay just the way they are, and not worry about salvation.

    ISIIS is a diabolic bunch of sadists–perverted in mind, body and–do they have souls? Stripping men, women and children then beheading them.. Cruel and inhuman–demonic.
    DIALOGUE–are they kidding that has never solved ANYTHING!! End of rant.

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