In his morning Santa Marta homily Pope Francis warned against complaining, reminding listeners to put their troubles in perspective. On the other hand, like Job and our Lord one may find reason to complain, even perhaps growing frustrated with God.

“Is it blasphemy when Jesus complains – ‘Father, why have You forsaken me’? This is the mystery. I have often listened to people who are experiencing difficult and painful situations, who have lost a great deal or feel lonely and abandoned and they come to complain and ask these questions: Why? Why? They rebel against God. And I say, ‘Continue to pray just like this, because this is a prayer’. It was a prayer when Jesus said to his father: ‘Why have You forsaken me!'”

In drawing his comparison the Pope didn’t mention that it would be impossible for Jesus, who never sinned, to have uttered blasphemy against Himself.


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