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On Sunday Archbishop Wilton Gregory of Atlanta released a statement on the incoherent, impeachable ruling from the depraved Supreme Court ordering us all to pretend gay people are married when the state says they are; just like we’re forced to pretend men are women, or women are men or something transitional. Being forced to sin, being forced to lie: that’s the rule in the Kingdom of Satan.

Atlanta Archbishop Wilton D. Gregory released this statement in response to the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision legalizing same sex marriage:

Each U.S. Supreme Court decision that has ever been rendered has resulted in deep disappointment for some people and vindication for others. If we all agreed on the outcomes of these divisive cases, there would simply be no reason for the Court to convene. This most recent decision is no different.

Nothing special about this decision, yes?  More of the same, people disagreeing with each other.  Can’t we all just get along?  Whatever happened to love?

By the same token, every court decision is limited in what it can achieve; again, this one is no exception. It does not change the biological differences between male and female human beings or the requirements for the generation of human life, which still demands the participation of both. It does not change the Catholic Church’s teaching regarding the Sacrament of Matrimony, which beautifully joins a man and woman in a loving union that is permanent in commitment and open to God’s blessing of precious new life.

Thank God SCOTUS can’t change Catholic teaching on marriage, yet.  I suppose we should be grateful for that. But what difference does Catholic teaching matter anyway?  What if I’m not Catholic, or I’m a faux-catholic or I’m one of those many people repulsed by the Church for one reason or another? What if I hate the Church, and I’m in position to force the world to obey my commands?

This judgment, however, does not absolve either those who may approve or disapprove of this decision from the obligations of civility toward one another. Neither is it a license for more venomous language or vile behavior against those whose opinions continue to differ from our own. It is a decision that confers a civil entitlement to some people who could not claim it before. It does not resolve the moral debate that preceded it and will most certainly continue in its wake.

This evil and illicit ruling is nothing if not a license for incivility and vile behavior.  The problem is the offense only goes one way.  An attack not resisted is conquest.

Did he really call this a ‘civil entitlement to some people who could not claim it?’  I find the Archbishop’s language ‘venomous’ –  you know, like something a snake might utter.

This moral debate must also include the way that we treat one another – especially those with whom we may disagree. In many respects, the moral question is at least as consequential and weighty as the granting of this civil entitlement. The decision has offered all of us an opportunity to continue the vitally important dialogue of human encounter, especially between those of diametrically differing opinions regarding its outcome.

Who is having a moral debate?  This is a ruling. The debate’s over.  Nor is there a current debate about how we treat each other either.  There is only you and others like you urging decent people to lie down, comply, and neglect to confront evil.  There is no such thing as a ‘dialogue of human encounter.’  There is only right and wrong, life and death, Heaven and…What the Hell is this FrancisBishop talking about?

The decision has made my ministry as a pastor more complex since it demands that I both continue to uphold the teachings of my Church regarding the Sacrament of Matrimony while also demanding that I insist upon respect for the human dignity of both those who approve of the judgment as well as those who may disapprove.”

Everything liberals think is complex.  That’s what they say when they’re getting ready to do something evil.  If you protest you’re just too simple.

You can’t truly ‘uphold’ Catholic teaching without correcting, shaming, silencing, and checking the advance of sin.  You can only pretend to, just like Archbishop Gregory does.  They’re always handing out human dignity like coupons and applying it like Vicks.  But those who approve of this judgment have already abused their own dignity and deserve neither respect nor deference from faithful Christians.  The problem is it’s illegal now in this world of false prelates and corrupted justice.



One Thought on “Being Forced to Honor Gay Marriage is One Thing. Being Uncivil is Quite Another!

  1. “made my ministry as a pastor more complex” ?! Because as a bishop he has to teach and uphold Christian marriage, but now also run around correcting people’s manners and making sure they use polite euphemisms?

    Rest assured, Bishop Gregory, the latter can be handled by Dear Abby and Emily Post. If you just stick with the marriage part, people really can work out the rest. We are not as stupid as your letter implies.

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