Free man of God and a grass-roots effort

Free man of God and a grass-roots effort

I got a note today from someone who is frustrated about the ugly Synod in Rome and the hapless press and is concerned over The Remnant’s call for donations.

Here’s my response:


I guess this year people are expecting the heresy and tricks. Last year some of them were still surprised. This year people know the Catholic press is corrupt. Last year they were still getting used to it.

Why Voris, Weigel, and the media?  It’s the same thing that’s ruined everything: money.  It seems the powers-that-be have much more oppressive leverage since the TARP bailout and Obama.  Money must also be behind the Muslim colonization.  Someone holds the purse strings behind all these unwanted changes.

They even tie the banks to Benedict’s abdication.  You probably saw.  Regulators put the freeze on Vatican banking until the day he stepped down.

Today with Francis, a top Washington firm, Promontory, supposedly has access to the Vatican books, and the latest Vatican Bank capitulations have turned all their transactions ‘transparent’.  If the Church had not complied with these new rules, they’d continue to be charged with laundering.  Now, if someone gives the Vatican money, they know about it in Brussels and Washington; I’m sure D.C. takes note of big donations to the Church these days.

It’s rumored that healthcare money was behind John Roberts and Obamacare.

How are they making the whole world gay and genderless?  The same way they made adultery, abortion, hypersexuality, and divorce widespread; the same way they’ve divided men and women: Money.

What we call banking used to be called usury. Doctrine against it hasn’t changed; it’s just been suppressed.  No-one can even cite or explain it today.  The Church understood that banking was unjust.  It grew like a tumor out of the Enlightenment. It’s just a shell game anyway.  What are stocks?  What do you get for a ‘share?’  It only keeps ahead of the inflation when others want it more than you did.

Before the Federal Reserve, you could stuff money in your mattress and not lose it. Today they steal 4-10% every year if you don’t invest and take a risk.  Your gamble is what keeps them rich, just like in Vegas.  Banks were on both sides of the Napoleonic Wars and the Civil War.

Now we have insurance for everything, interest, high taxes, and inflation.  We have to pay the emperors for electricity, water, fuel, and communication.  We have to go to them for food and send kids to their schools.  We have to sit in expensive cars to reach their work facilities.  They say it’s progress, and that may be true in some ways, but you can’t deny it’s a kind of slavery.

All the while, the Church just keeps getting smaller, less orthodox, and less different.  What is a Catholic school anyway?  Even the few faithful colleges are all pope-worshipping ‘conservatives’ now.

Pro-Life politics doesn’t stop the genocide.  It seems almost to enable it.  We talk while they die.  Abortion is the absolute lowest sin, but for us it’s everything.  It’s almost the Faith itself.  But just like gay sex, it was beneath Our Lord to even speak of it in scripture.   What about the rest of what it takes to create a true Christian society, one that can guide us to Heaven?  Where is all that?

I don’t think God is impressed.  How much longer could we expect Christ to watch our weakness?

Pepin and the Papal States were essential to the Church.  It was only ninety years after they stole them from us that we got John XXIII.  Today the Church is what our rulers permit it to be; is it not?  They permit it to die.

So now The Remnant is in a spot, just when people are realizing they’ve been right. Nobody has any money for the Truth.

Maybe it’s time to do like St. Francis and the Apostles:  take a buddy, one pair of sandals, and make a lean-to.  At least until Peter comes around, maybe that’s all we’ve got.


3 Thoughts on “To a Friend on the Synod, the Press, and The Remnant

  1. Aren’t you sugar coating things a bit?

    Satan has lots of tools at his disposal. Almost all of his lures are now welcome in the new FrancisChurch (your tag).

    Myself, I lean toward the sedevacant position but I doubt God is losing sleep over it. Even so I signed up to help the Remnant for what little good it does.

  2. Branch on October 13, 2015 at 9:15 am said:

    “Abortion is the absolute lowest sin, but for us it’s everything. It’s almost the Faith itself. But just like gay sex, it was beneath Our Lord to even speak of it in scripture. What about the rest of what it takes to create a true Christian society, one that can guide us to Heaven? Where is all that?”

    Can you explain this a bit? Are you saying essentially what Francis has said, that we don’t need to focus on abortion so much?

    • The entire collapse of morals both inside and outside of the Church began with the rejection of Humanae Vitae. Artificial birth control was the tipping point for all the depravity we see going on before our eyes. Artificial birth control led to promiscuity, failed marriages, abortion and homosexuality and if the Dear Lord doesn’t step in soon it will even go further. It looks right now that it is up to the laity to step up to the bat because Rome has lost the faith.

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