Prelates World-Wide Pass Through Holy FrancisDoors In Meaningful New Ceremonies For Mercy’s Sake

FrancisRamblings are insane, but they aren’t designed to make sense.  They’re supposed to make people believe lies.  If I were a student of the history of Protestant sects or cults and their leaders, I’m sure I would find that Francis fits a type.  Luther was similar.  You have to be a master of spin and false dichotomy.

At Mass this morning Francis said:

“Hope is a Christian virtue that is a great gift from God and that allows us to see beyond problems, pain, difficulties, beyond our sins. It allows us to see the beauty of God”.

That sounds pretty good, until we get to the part where we can ‘see beyond our sins’ through the virtue of hope.  Francis is so determined to make people think their sins don’t matter.  Is hope a virtue that allows us to see the beauty of God?

No one can see the beauty of God, but a pure heart helps you appreciate beauty.  What Francis seems to be referring to sounds more like piety.  Oooops.  Did I say something rigid?

According to Vatican Radio, Pope Francis stressed this during his daily morning Mass at his residence Casa Santa Marta, underscoring that those who have hope have the freedom and strength to see beyond the bad times, as well as opens up horizons and gives us freedom.

Why are these liberals always opening things and looking off to some horizon somewhere else?  Why do they call careless license ‘freedom?’

Reflecting on today’s Gospel, in which the chief priests question Jesus and ask with which authority does He act, the Pope said: “They have no horizons, they are men who are locked in their calculations, they are slaves to their rigidity”

Do you know why the pope hates the word ‘calculations,’ because it sounds like money, like people who are careful with money, and people who have money.  Pope Francis hates money.  He’s above money.  You don’t need money when you float about on a spiritual cloud of higher knowledge, looking past your sins and off to that free horizon of hope.  You don’t need money when you go around greasing wheels, slapping backs, and turning screws either.  A contempt for money, its inherent justice, and the power it bestows is integral to the true church of Francis.

FrancisChurch isn’t about hope and mercy.  It’s about enemies and targets.  Enemy #1 is power.  Enemy #2 are Catholics.  Both enemies have something Francis wants.  He wants power for his benefactors and he wants the Church so he can kill it, I mean,  ‘fix’ it.  In his mind, actual Catholics are the same as ruthless rich bastards who enslaved civilization for eons.  They both comprise a regime that must be dismantled.  They are united in their evil ‘rigidity,’ in a solidness that won’t give way without radical force.

It sounds preposterous and it is. It’s also communism, and for some reason it just won’t die.

“Human calculations,”  the Pontiff warned, “close hearts and shut out freedom”, while “hope gives us levity.”


Meditating on the Book of Numbers Francis says:

Balaam opens his heart, repents and sees the truth, Francis noted, because “with good will one always sees the truth. Truth that gives hope.”

While Francis reflected on the beauty of freedom, of the hope of men and women of the Church, he also criticized the rigidity of others in the Church and “that clerical stiffness that contains no hope.”

Truth gives hope.  Hope gives levity.  Freedom is beautiful.  Something is always connected to something else in the aimless wandering of FrancisCosmos, except for rigidity.  Rigidity and clerical stiffness is not related to hope at all.  It has no hope, like the inhabitants of Hell.  Your heart is closed and not like an open door at all.  If you believe, you are stiff.  You need to move or be moved. You have only hopelessness to offer.

“In this Year of Mercy,” the Pope said, “there are these two paths: one of those who hope in God’s mercy and know that God is the Father; and then there are those who take refuge in the slavery of rigidity and know nothing of God’s mercy.”

Two paths?  I thought in the Year of Mercy there was but one path for all and none were excluded.  There are no longer any boundaries or criteria to the Catholic Faith nor to Heaven, and exclusion is against God.  You just step through the door of FrancisMercy and suddenly the mercy of God is imbued into you.  You may now look past your sins because everybody has sins. It doesn’t matter what they are or if you repent them.

So on the other side of the Holy Door of FrancisMercy, after I’ve walked through it partaking now of a new Mercy never before known, I can still go down two paths.  Next year maybe there will be just one path again, but for a year there’re two – just like this year you can go to Confession at an SSPX chapel and it works!

Next year it’s a sin and it might not work, but this year it does and there are also two paths.

Path 1: Hope in God’s mercy and know God is Father.

Path 2: Try and take refuge from my radical Church-wide anathema, be a slave to your rigid Faith, and know nothing whatsoever of God’s mercy.

In the year of FrancisMercy, FrancisMercy is the only mercy.  If you’re too rigid for that, go to Hell.

All around the world today there are pictures of ridiculous looking bishops stepping through special FrancisDoors for what?  Is that really a blessing, honoring a man who hates the Faith of Christ by doing his ceremonial dance of presumption and contempt?  Read the man’s words.  If you are a Catholic, that door brings a curse, and cursed you very well may be.









7 Thoughts on “Holy Year of FrancisMercy: Think Twice Before You Float Through That Door

  1. Perhaps a small point, but I keep being infuriated by Pope Frank’s inaccurate use of Holy Scripture.

    In the above post, for example, he talks about Balaam as opening his heart and repenting. But this is totally unsupported by the text. Bergoglio just makes this up, so that his words will seem sweeter and more spiritual.

    Perhaps His Holiness would sneer that concern for Biblical accuracy indicates an undesirable rigidity. And I’d respond that a cavalier distortion of Scripture indicates the perpetrator is, like Balaam, a false prophet.

  2. There is only one Mercy which has always been taught by the Catholic Church for two thousand years and by some 300 Popes before this Pope. Mercy just does not magically fall from the sky and get a free E-ticket to Heaven. The Catholic Church has never taught this. The True Mercy is a sincere Repentance with a Catholic Priest in the Sacrament of Confession for the Remission of Sins. There is also the Act of Contrition and to do Penance that is needed to repay do punishment for the Sins against God’s Divine Justice. Then there is the sincere act to Amend One’s Sinful Lifestyle to living a Saintly Lifestyle with a determination of Sinning no more. Its terrible this Pope Francis does not mention these requirements for the One True Mercy because it’s too rigid for him. So what Mercy is this Pope talking about a New Age Worship of Mercy the we can see beyond our Sins and become like God.

  3. Eirene Angi Bennett on December 16, 2015 at 5:46 am said:

    This Holy Door fabrication is just that – spun to confuse the faithful and lead them – by means of a silly game – to believe in yet more silly games still to be devised by the Master Magician and his volunteer apprentices.

    Priests should be standing up preaching against such rubbish. Bishops should refuse their dioceses permission to participate. The laity should simply avoid such shenanigans and concentrate on praying the Holy Rosary, studying the Catechism of the Roman Catholic Church and asking Our Blessed Mother to
    intercede that the Papal Showman and his Troupe will be sidelined very soon.
    That’s what I think about The Holy Door!

  4. Shirley john on December 27, 2015 at 2:39 am said:

    Pope Francis is cheating even the faithful.He just wants to show mercy to LGBT in the name of false mercy.the logo of mercy -if you closely study tells it

  5. Before going to sleep last night, I was reading the Bible. As usual, just opened it at random. I was led to this, which explained Bergoglio and Judas. Both Bergoglio and Judas. Both using the poor for self righteous gain. Both condemning those who have money by blaming them for the poor, when Jesus is CLEAR that there has always been the poor and always will be, all for the glory of God when one seeks the gift of wisdom in order to understand this. Just as there has always been suffering and always will be until we enter Heaven. God uses both poverty and suffering to save souls.
    Sirach 13:24
    Riches are good if they are free from sin and poverty is evil in the opinion of the ungodly.

  6. You are so right ! It is good to get reminded. Thank you ! Anna Vingerhoed on December 27, 2015 at 5:28 pm said:

    You are so right ! It is good to get reminded . Thank you.

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