interfaith chapel

Interfaith chapel. Please face the wall.

Did you know that God’s actual name is Mercy?  it’s not ‘God.’  It’s not Father, not Son, not Holy Spirit.  It’s definitely not Justice, no!  It’s Mercy.  Just ask the Francis.

Did you know that God’s name, Mercy, is verified on His I.D. card.  His I.D. card says Mercy on it too, so there you go.

Isn’t it a coincidence that the name verified on God’s I.D. card turns out to be Mercy during the Holy Year of FrancisMercy when there are over ten thousand Holy MercyDoors being opened by cowed bishops around the world?  Even Hindus come get the mercy from Francis, I mean, the god whom Francis named.

Did you know that God’s name is also Allah?  I guess it’s Allah and it’s Mercy both, yes?  Well, yes and no.


UPDATE:  Did you know that Francis is also merciful?  Beloved Italian comedian Robert Benigni said Francis was a “waterfall of mercy” who is “dragging the whole Church toward Christianity.”

I suppose he’s a waterfall of God, you might say.  Where was the Church before this ‘merciful one’ arrived to throw a rope around it?  Sliding into the pit of Hell?




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