With Mark Zuckerberg dragging his creepy spirits into the Vatican to give homage to the Francis who conquered his enemy, Christ’s Church, is there only one month of free speech left?  Someone tell me what this internet transfer business means?

What happens to a man whose brains and brutal determination send him to the top of an empire today?  Why do they all turn into the same zombies?  Isn’t there one who can think outside the box?  Isn’t there a single titan today who can be an actual Christian, or is that somehow illegal?

It’s funny how all these rulers must honor each other, despite the fact it reveals their hatred of God and men?  Francis doesn’t care what we think of him at all.  He and Zuckerberg will tell us what to think.

“It was a meeting we’ll never forget….You can feel his warmth and kindness, and how deeply he cares about helping people.”

Translation: You will now believe the new religion. Francis will be your demigod and together we will rule over you, our pitiful, inferior slaves.


Aleteia’s article arguing that John the Baptist was a hipster says a lot about the World Youth Day FrancisCatholic now being cultivated.  Isn’t a hipster sort of a bearded, gender-neutral man who can’t think for himself and barely had a father?

How can we make ‘catholic’ hip?  That’s the question of the era.  Answer: Wreck it.  Then it will have been made hip.  John the Baptist wasn’t hip.  He was a man.  That’s why Herodias hated him.


Why is it that every faithful #NeverTrump Catholic is always some brainiac?  They’re so smart they know that Trump is just pretending to be conservative, as if every other GOP politician isn’t also?

Joseph Pearce is the latest light pushing that magician from the American Solidarity Party for the ‘conservative’ Trump alternative.  ‘Solidarity’ is a good thing, yes?  It means taking care of our neighbor, right?  Or is it just code for cleptocratic clerical socialism?  Mike Maturen will receive .0034 of the popular vote.  There has never been a meaningful movement for a third party to the left of the GOP, and there never will. A viable third party could only come from the right, like they have now in Europe.  Perhaps they could name it the “Subsidiarity” party.

These professional Catholic thinkers are so ‘good’ they want Hillary for president.  They betray their Church, their country, and the murdered unborn children for whom they claim to have special preference.  They’re arrogant and superior.  These useful idiots fit squarely into the FrancisChurch that pays them.

We moved recently into a house owned by a very booky ‘academic’.  From the top of the attic to the very corner of the basement the house was filled with books; tired, outdated, foolish, worthless, pretentious books.  There was almost nothing worth reading.  The house was also filled with bugs, roaches, spiders, and the most pestilent air I’ve ever inhaled.  The dust from one of those roach-eaten books would make you terribly sick for weeks.  You see, the professor believed bugs had as much of a right to live as he did.

We bombed the place, painted it with Kilz, ripped out the kitchen to the subfloor, and aired the open house  for six months.  The professor’s wife used to visit him there every Friday.  Why do men give their lives to study, if they’re only going to confuse people and twist their own souls?


I’m becoming increasingly disturbed to hear Catholics placing faithless men and women in Heaven.  Isn’t Heaven what our faith is all about?  Then why must they act like it’s dispensable, secondary?  If being obedient to Christ and his Church and remaining in a state of grace through the sacraments isn’t necessary, why on Earth do we do it?  Either the Church was always right about this or it’s always been wrong.

At FirstThings they are sure that there’s no such thing as an ex-Catholic.  Tim Kaine and Mike Pence are still Catholic somehow.  Really?  Then how would you describe the inhabitants of Hell?  Are they still Catholic too?  The Church Militant is a spiritual reality, a group of living men, women. and children united in grace and obedience to God.  That’s what it means to be Catholic.  Heaven is Catholic and so is God.  It’s not that He condescends to our ‘religion’.  It’s that we rise to His reality.

But Francis doesn’t agree.  He thinks “there is no Catholic God.”   That’s because Francis isn’t Catholic.

The other day my pastor taught us that only snobs who think they’re superior believe Heaven is for Catholics.  It’s a class thing, see.  We’re just like first-class passengers: rich people who need their own restrooms and require a curtain between them and the unwashed.  Pope Francis would have shouted for joy to hear it, you know that bitter FrancisJoy you have to force yourself to feel?

Then a good priest I know told us Sunday about an irreligious, recently deceased man who had no vocation other than to tend reptiles and exotic pets.  He said he was sure this man was now in heaven because ‘God has a way and a plan for everyone.’  My friend is a very faithful, prayerful, and devoted priest but his kind of thinking is poisonous.  He sees no line.  Almost everyone will go to Heaven, yet he continues to serve the Church.  Why?  This fallacy has sunk us all.  It’s deadly to preach it.


St. Corbinian’s Bear makes an excellent point about Pope Francis, the humble and lovable, the guy with all the warmth, the one who radiates. The Bear wonders why we have to believe the things he teaches when he’s such a miserable and untrustworthy liar.


Not the video, but the printed Francis prayer intentions for September have been released.  Part of it reads:

That by participating in the Sacraments and meditating on Scripture, Christians may become more aware of their mission to evangelize.

If I didn’t know that by ‘mission to evangelize’ he means do something to help the UN reach their Sustainable Development Goals, I’d think there was almost something Catholic to this FrancisRelease.


Finally, this story by the Denzinger-Bergoglio boys says everything you’d ever want to know about the man on the throne.  He’s nothing but a greasy communist in a clown suit.  Read it and weep, and know that there’s really very little difference between a Francis, a horrid Bonafini, and a Zuckerberg today.  All three of them loathe the people of God and their King.







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  1. “The Church Militant is a spiritual reality, a group of living men, women. and children united in grace and obedience to God. That’s what it means to be Catholic. Heaven is Catholic and so is God. It’s not that He condescends to our ‘religion’. It’s that we rise to His reality.”

    WOW. What a thoroughly EXCELLENT passage in a thoroughly excellent essay, of which I will committing much to memory. Thank you!

  2. fgwalkers@att.net on August 30, 2016 at 5:41 pm said:

    Thanks! 🙂

  3. “We moved recently into a house owned by a very booky ‘academic’…”

    I always wondered where Mr. Casaubon lived!

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