Heavenly signs follow FrancisChurch

Heavenly signs follow FrancisChurch

Isn’t it enough that the Pope of Communism rehabilitates un-collared Marxist revolutionary priests and flouts protocol to beatify rightly-suppressed  Liberation Theology icons, but now we have to get silly stories of Fatima-like miracles to grease the wheels.

As the relics of Blessed Oscar Romero were brought out for veneration during his beatification Mass in San Salvador, the cloudy skies parted and a ring of light – known as a “solar halo” – appeared around the sun.

“Honestly, I think this one of the most supernatural things I have ever experienced in my life,” Father Manuel Dorantes told CNA May 29.

How many other lesser supernatural things did Father experience?

A priest of the diocese of Chicago and Spanish assistant to the director of the Holy See press office, Fr. Dorantes was present in San Salvador for the May 23 beatification of Archbishop Oscar Romero.

This guy works for FrancisBishop, merciful Blase Cupich.

Romero oversaw the diocese of San Salvador from 1977 until March 24, 1980, when he was shot and killed while saying Mass. In February Pope Francis officially recognized him as a martyr, and his beatification took place in his former diocese just over a week ago.

The ring around the sun appeared once Cardinal Angelo Amato, prefect of the Congregation for the Causes of Saints, had finished reading the official decree proclaiming Oscar Arnulfo Romero as a martyr and a blessed, Fr. Dorantes recalled.

So despite the fact that Romero was not actually martyred for the faith, and no miracle was defined, God himself signified his approval at the moment the beatification became official!

After the decree was vocally translated into Spanish, the choir began leading pilgrims in singing the traditional “Gloria” while a group of deacons brought out Romero’s relics – including the bloodstained shirt he wore the day he was killed.

Then “the weirdest thing occurred,” Fr. Dorantes noted, explaining that since it had been raining the day before, the sky was completely cloudy.

“As the relics came out, as we were singing the Gloria, all of a sudden, the heavens above us opened up, and the sun came out. A perfect circular halo formed above the sun.”

You see, the halo around the sun was a sure sign that the halo Francis gave Oscar Romero is authentic.  Can you imagine all the weird, yet unreported, things happening in the sky over Rome these days?


Here, England, is your Faith

Here, England, is your Faith

What do you get when you decide that you can have a national church with a King as its vicar?  Eventually you get women ‘bishops.’

What do you get when you make women ‘bishops?’  Feminists.

Support is growing within the Church of England to rewrite its official liturgy to refer to God as female following the selection of the first women bishops.

Growing numbers of priests already insert words such as “she” and “mother” informally into traditional service texts as part of a move to make the language of worship more inclusive, it has been claimed.

But calls for a full overhaul of liturgy to recognise the equal status of women have already been discussed informally at a senior level.

It comes after the “Transformations Steering Group”, a body which meets in Lambeth Palace to examine the impact of women in ministry on the Church of England, issued a public call to the bishops to encourage more “expansive language and imagery about God”.

Hilary Cotton, chair of Women And The Church (Watch), the group which led the campaign for female bishops, said the shift away from the traditional patriarchal language of the Book of Common Prayer in already at an “advanced” stage in some quarters.

How can people seriously believe the teachings of their religion today when things just keeps changing?  Does anyone ever entertain the idea that maybe some Anglicans may connect the dots between new lady bishops and this new female God?

Mrs Cotton said that while congregations were already experimenting with new terminology, it was time for the issue to be considered by the Liturgical Commission, the body which drafts official service books, as well as those drawing behind a planned new catechism.

“Until we shift considerably towards a more gender-full expression in our worship about God then we are failing God and we are missing something,” she said.

“We are [also] going to miss some of the opportunities that otherwise particularly women might feel themselves called to.”

Her comments came following a discussion at the Westminster Faith Debates on whether the consecration of women as bishops would “change” the Church of England.

The Church of England’s worship already includes some references to God as female, many of them centuries old.

I think at this point, if our great grandparents could see our day, they would only laugh and pity us in the hands of these monsters.


Worse Than Terrorism

Masters of Terror?

Everywhere today in Our Church, even in Hellish Syria, we forget that human beings are so much more than physical.

From the SSPX:

The bodily persecution of Middle Eastern Catholics is terrible indeed. And yet, Christ teaches us that those who persecute the soul are even worse:

And there is no need to fear those who kill the body, but have no means of killing the soul; fear him more, who has the power to ruin body and soul in hell.” (Matt. 10:28—see also Luke 12:4-5)

The letter of a Syrian to a French friend, bears out this truth by showing how the internal enemy of Modernism is an even greater danger to the souls of persecuted Catholics in the Middle East.

Dear friend,

During your latest visit, you asked us to put our thoughts in writing. For many years, you have devoted yourself to showing our French friends how the most ancient Christianity of the East is dangerously threatened in the flesh and in its very existence. But will you dare to tell them today the terrible truth and to speak of the danger for our souls? For it is not so much the Christians that are being assassinated in Syria; it is their faith.

Contrary to popular opinion, we believe that the Sunnite Muslims who behead our brothers and devour their hearts are in fact less deadly for our Christianity than a Church that has ceased to transmit the Faith to us. And yet, that is the dramatic truth: the proportion of practicing Catholics is somewhere between 20 and 30%.

Our clergy is disappearing. I am not talking about the priests who have abandoned their flock to seek shelter in America or Europe; I am talking about the number of vocations, which are becoming seriously rare. Can we excuse those who remain among us, even as we deplore the fact that they have not received any serious formation on the doctrinal, spiritual and even moral levels? And to prove it, take the fact that—on the pretext that the faithful would have more trust in a married clergy than in a celibate clergy, (it is all too easy, alas, to guess why)—it only took a few months to start ordaining married men priests. Shall I confide to you that this practice satisfies neither their wives nor their communities, who both complain of their lack of availability, since in most cases, the priest has to practice a profession in order to support his family?

Since the ’70’s, the secular clergy in the Middle East has scarcely received a better formation. Not to mention the “monks”, who are monastic only in name, living in luxurious monasteries where there are often more servants than religious, and where the religious are free in their acts and under no control. It is only too easy to imagine the wanderings of a liberty left to the control of each individual, and the habitual scandals for the weak in our narrow East, where everyone takes pleasure in spying on and judging the priests in order to comfort their own consciences.

But let me come back to Syria. What would be the point of distinguishing between a hierarchy completely preoccupied with money, whose priests worry only about feeding the poor, without ever giving them the bread of the Word, and those who care about neither and often scarcely even set a good example?

The obvious reality today is this: that the Christians have no more trust in their priests than their priests have in their hierarchy. And the concrete consequence is dramatic: in the face of the indescribable sufferings they have been enduring since the beginning of the conflicts, more and more Christians in Syria have come to declare: “God does not exist!

What does the FrancisChurch bring us by attacking the faithful, heretically lauding all Protestant sects as if they’re in union with the Church, and chasing the world?

‘Traditionalist’ Catholics lament modernism and refer to Pope St. Pius X but I don’t think framing our disease as a heretical cocktail of everything modern advances anything.  Our problem is simple worldliness.  Where Our Lord rejected Satan’s offers in the desert, we accept them. Rather than the follow disciplines of ancient rules and prayers, the sacraments, and the sacrificial ascetic lives of poor servants, we take the easy road and reap its spiritual blindness.

Today everyone is celebrating Cardinal Sarah’s revelation that Pope Francis told him to continue the liturgical work of Benedict XVI.  That sounds very encouraging and so unlike the rest of things Pope Francis has said about the Mass, but according to Cd. Sarah, Francis also told him to continue the liturgical ‘reform’ of the Second Vatican Council.

Such a hybrid bi-directional vision was in fact put forth by Benedict, but in practice where does it lead?  What can one make of the liturgical reforms of Vatican II?  How can they be developed or integrated?  It seems the Pope Francis has, via third party, once again said something politically reassuring yet ineffectual and, like victims of Stockholm Syndrome, we praise Him for briefly relenting.

We cry and bark about terrorism today, but the crimes against our own souls have been so much worse.  The crushing installation of Hell on earth is happening to us right here and now.  We have already been shrunken and disfigured into something much less than human; no longer men, women, fathers, or mothers.  How long will we continue to be distracted by worldly causes that pretend to be Christian and political games where we can only lose?