ISIS making people one with the Church

ISIS making people one with the Church

At the Register Edward Pentin reports on the Pope’s response to the brutal new Mass execution of Christians on another Beach in Ethiopia.  To the Orthodox Patriarch Pope Francis offers his ‘heartfelt spiritual closeness.’

Pope Francis this evening sent a message of solidarity to Patriarch Matthias of the Ethiopian Tewahedo Orthodox Church following the release of a video showing the killing of 28 Ethiopian Christians by Islamic State (ISIS) terrorists in Libya.

“With great distress and sadness I learn of the further shocking violence perpetrated against innocent Christians in Libya,” the Pope wrote, adding that he was reaching out to Patriarch Matthias and his flock “in heartfelt spiritual solidarity to assure you of my closeness in prayer at the continuing martyrdom being so cruelly inflicted on Christians in Africa, the Middle East and some parts of Asia.”

I got railroaded into a sort of therapeutic session recently where the counselor-type kept asking me to speak from the heart.  I finally told him that I try and say everything from the heart.  If it didn’t sound like it to him, he’d just have to get used to it.

It’s like when people say, “Honestly, I must tell you…..”  It makes me wonder if the other things they say are dishonest.  And if you must tell me then don’t.  I only want to hear the things you choose to say.

So why the Pope must assure the Patriarch that he feels things in his heart, or that he is close in spirit (whatever that means), is anyone’s guess.

Finally, I hope no-one ever sends me a note assuring me of solidarity.  It’s an awful word that the Pope seems to think means Christian charity, but most people think means free stuff, and sensible people know means Socialism.

“It makes no difference whether the victims are Catholic, Copt, Orthodox or Protestant,” the Pope went on. “Their blood is one and the same in their confession of Christ! The blood of our Christian brothers and sisters is a testimony which cries out to be heard by everyone who can still distinguish between good and evil. All the more this cry must be heard by those who have the destiny of peoples in their hands.”

Pope Francis has often referred to an “ecumenism of blood”, saying that persecution is uniting Christians. “They are witnesses to Jesus Christ,” he said in January.”They are persecuted and killed because they are Christians. Those who persecute them make no distinction between the religious communities to which they belong. They are Christians and for that they are persecuted. This, brothers and sisters, is the ecumenism of blood.”

This Francis-ism, the ‘ecumenism of blood,’ is nasty.  It’s bad enough to send a useless sentimental letter to a bishop who’s flock is being slaughtered by Muslims, but to use the event to push the lie that all murdered Christians are united in Heaven despite vast deficiencies in faith is truly dark.  I would imagine most Orthodox bishops in these serious regions might find it a tad opportunistic.

And hey, if the Muslims make no distinctions in killing Christians then the dead MUST all be Catholics, Yes?  Or does that even matter?


Give it another minute and it should start working.

Give it another minute and it should start working.

LCWR royalty Sr. Joan Chittister is a perfect example of the type of ‘nun’ Pope Francis and Cardinal Braz de Aviz have just green-lighted again.

At the Huffpo:

Like many spiritual teachers across all the major faiths, Sister Joan Chittister believes that the soul is an intrinsic part of our being — but this outspoken Roman Catholic nun defines it a little differently than some. As Sister Joan tells Oprah in the above video from “Super Soul Sunday,” she believes that the soul you’re born with isn’t necessarily the soul you have later in life.

As Sister Joan defines the soul, it is all about recognizing the beauty of life. “It’s layers of consciousness. It layers of awareness,” she says. “The more life that you let in, the more life you will have, and then your own soul does grow.”

This gobbledigook sounds a bit like the Holy Father.  Slice and dice the soul. Change it. Let the consciousness layers land on it. Watch it grow like a tomato so long as you live, live, live!  Let life in and then you will have it, a huge soul like mine!

The way the soul evolves, Sister Joan explains, is similar to how life itself unfolds: slowly and deliberately. This concept is poignantly articulated by French novelist and aviator Antoine de Saint-Exupéry in his 1942 memoir, Flight to Arras, which includes one particular line that has always stuck with Sister Joan.

“Exupéry says someplace something like this. He says, ‘To live is to be slowly born,'” Sister Joan cites.

Wow.  How deep is this!  Does Sister Joan know what a soul is?

The reason some people seem more soulful or as if they have “more” soul than others, she adds, is because they have grown their souls during their lifetime. “There’s no magic age; 18 doesn’t do it, 21 doesn’t do it,” Sister Joan says. “It’s a process.”

What is that process?  Does it have anything to do with Christ or His Church?  Why does this Joan-soul have to be so physical?  If it grows as big as Godzilla will I still fit in my suit?

Why does the pope who tried to correct this LCWR institutional monstrosity get hounded into isolation, then some sharpy moved in so that now, once again, we’re treated to these sinister life lessons?  How is it that these creepy pantsuits are more powerful than the actual Church?

“I don’t have the same soul that I had at 6,” she continues. “I have a soul now that’s thicker, deeper, warmer, broader, brighter, wiser than ever before.”

Forgive me but this sounds a touch witchy, doesn’t it?  Thicker, deeper, broader…also bright and wise.  Is this a nun or Nietzsche‘s Übermensch?

And Sister’s soul keeps getting warmer too, even at her age.  It’s practically burning.







On the side of the poor in Columbia and around the world

On the side of the poor in Columbia and around the world

Why does the American Press, the Pope, and the Vatican expect us to believe that atheistic, murderous Cuba, where the income tax is something like 98%, is simply a victim of American oppression.

Today, ten soldiers were killed and 17 others injured in western Colombia by militants who are believed to be from FARC, a leftist terror group. The violence breaks a four-month ceasefire between FARC guerrillas and Colombian forces.

Some FARC rebels are currently being harbored by the government of Cuba, instead of being turned over to Colombian authorities. According to documents released by WikiLeaks in 2010:

The [Cuban government] allows these groups to enjoy R&R in Cuba and receive medical care and other services… Reporting also indicates that the [Cuban government] is able to influence the FARC.

The secret cable sent in 2009 to Washington from the United States Interest Section in Havana (which operates out of the Swiss embassy there) also indicates that FARC doesn’t conduct operations in Cuba because the group has safe haven in the Caribbean nation. The cable also showed that FARC and Havana actively maintain a relationship through proxy political groups.

Cuban apologists counter that Havana has been hosting peace talks between FARC and Bogota since November of 2012, which demonstrates a willingness to combat terror.

Dialogue, dialogue and a culture of encounter.

But these negotiations don’t address the current status of any FARC rebels who may be hiding in Cuba. Plus, there have been other recent incidents linking Cuba to other types of support for terrorism or government interference, namely:

  1. The belief that the Cuban government is “actively developing and supporting the Venezuelan” government
  2. The July 2013 interception of a North Korean vessel that was carrying Cuban military aircraft and weapons (which were hidden under bags of sugar) headed for the Asian nation, which violates United Nations sanctions against North Korea
  3. The March detention by Colombian officials of a Chinese ship which contained undocumented weaponry headed for Cuba
  4. The indictment of pilots with the Cuban Air Force in connection with the 1996 premeditated attack on two U.S. civilian aircraft over international waters, which killed four people

In response to today’s attack on the Colombian troops, President Juan Manuel Santos has ordered the resumption of air attacks on FARC positions within the Latin American country.

Is this the kind of thing all these resurrected Latin American Jesuits and other dissidents keep finding saints over these days?