I'm startled and thrilled to the marrow of my bones by the clarity of this moral force.

I’m startled and thrilled to the marrow of my bones by the clarity of the Pope’s moral force.

At Climate Depot, Marc Morano brings up the tragic and relentless figure of Al Gore, yet another frightening admirer of the Vicar of Christ today.

Al Gore announced on April 29, 2015 that Pope Francis’s global warming advocacy could turn the former Vice President into a Catholic. Gore was speaking during the Dean’s Speaker Series at the University of California Berkeley.

Partial transcript of Gore’s remarks: ” I think Pope Francis is quite an inspiring figure really. A phenomena. I’ve been startled with the clarity of the moral force that he embodies. He kind of raises in a new context the old question: “Is the Pope Catholic?” (laughter)

“That’s a joke by the way.

They say every joke has some truth to it.  This one has too much for laughs.  Let’s unpack.

Pope Francis is inspiring: He is stirring my spirit, affecting me spiritually.

He is a phenomena: He has a supernatural quality which can’t be named or explained through science.

“I’ve been startled with the clarity of the moral force that he embodies.”: This is excellent liberal-speak.  On it’s face it is meaningless babble but it is stated for it’s intended effects.

Like St. Paul on his horse my high liberal intellect was struck and shocked somehow by Pope Francis.  We know that the Church is not only a source of moral laws, but a force which we have always attacked, and nothing more than a succession of popes wielding influence.  Pope Francis embodies that moral force since he is now the Church itself, only this time the force is clear and reasonable not murky and confused, and everyone can follow it.

“Well I’ve said publicly in the last year, I was raised in the Southern Baptist tradition, I could become a Catholic because of this Pope. He is that inspiring to me. And I know the vast majority of my Catholic friends are just thrilled to the marrow of their bones that he is providing this kind of spiritual leadership.”

So Francis embodies such a startling, thrilling NewChurch that even Al Gore is ready to join up. If we can get him, imagine what kinds of converts we can dredge up!  Keep watching those numbers.

Al Gore is no more a Catholic than he was a Baptist.  They don’t need him either, but he’d make a great bishop these days.


cupich chicago

Call ’em bullies! Call ’em racists!

Truth Revolt asks why the new Archbishop of Chicago has the nerve to speak of illegal immigration as if it were ‘God’s agenda.’

Where are truth-loving Catholics supposed to look for a Church that isn’t in the pocket of anti-Catholic hate today?  Either it is evil to be conservative or these bishops are pretenders.  Is it ‘love’ to hand political power to the true enemies of God and man?

True to his claim that immigration reform is “God’s agenda,” Chicago Archbishop Blase Cupich has been cozying up to pro-abortion Democrats to get his social justice initiatives underway. 

On Sunday, the Archbishop joined Senate Minority Whip Dick Durbin (D-Il), a dissident Roman Catholic with a 100 percent rating from Planned Parenthood and NARAL on abortion issues, at the Temple Jeremiah synagogue in Northfield, Illinois, to discuss how people can support the cause of immigration reform. Democrats hope reform will translate into largely Catholic Hispanics voting for pro-abortion/pro-gay marriage Democrats in order to gain citizenship. 

Speaking before an audience of 300 people, Cupich urged everyone to speak with friends and neighbors about the issue, and to stand up to bullies wherever they find them.

“Look for ways to tell our heritage stories and tell your representatives how you feel,” Cupich said. “Speak out, and don’t let racist comments go by.”

Thanks, my Archbishop, for encouraging people to hate me, call me bully, call me bigot, shout me down and insult me. The rule of law, patriotism, security, happiness, peace and prosperity; those things are ugly excuses people like me use to hate.

Is Dick Durbin a friend of the Church?  Is he moral? Is he honest?  Does he care whether people live or die?  Why is he not a racist or a bully too, Archbishop? Is Dick Durbin a Christian or a ruthless opportunist?  Why must you collaborate with him?  Why do you find so much in common?

With his eyes on the 2016 presidential election, Dick Durbin subtly reminded people that the more they organize Hispanic voters, the more likely another pro-abortion, pro-immigration reform Democrat would end up in the White House.

“If we add 2 million new voters, that would change the debate for president,” he said of the 2016 election. “They will have an impact.”

Sounds good to me.  Just come out and say it!  No need to hide now that you have the face of the Catholic Church attached to your destructive plans. We want to put another Democrat in the White house.  This will have impact!

If you feel under the gun for your Faith today, wait another two years.

Thank you, powerful new FrancisBishop of Chicago, for being above politics and a friend to the vulnerable, the suffering, the voiceless, and the marginalized; in other words an enemy of the faithful followers of Christ.

The man rejects his chair

The man rejects his own chair

The Eye-Witness has a bit of reality observant Catholics are all too ready to deny.

The current Pope has, let us face obvious facts, left the Church in a state of disarray, not to say blind panic.  From one day to the next we hear messages from his garrulous lips that are either mildly orthodox, of dubious orthodoxy and/or outright rubbish.  No one seems to know if he has the intellectual capacity for his exalted position or if he just likes to talk, to say anything that enters his head, without much forethought.  He cannot be pinned down.  His words and actions are so “all-over-the-place” that no one can form a definitive judgment.  I most certainly can’t.  He keeps everyone on tenterhooks or, worse, in a state of real fear for the Church.  Dignity does not seem to be a concept he is too familiar with, so when an ordinary Catholic sees him putting on a clown nose they cringe with embarrassment for the Church, and for him.  These are not the actions of a grave or earnest man.  

The pope calls this ‘humility’ in keeping with his love for the ‘simple people,’ but it is neither.  Simple people are simply good people, no matter how polished, wealthy or capable they are.  Although Pope Francis is very clever, he seems to have a disproportionate sense of his own intelligence and knowledge, and real contempt for the faithful and the rich. When he honors his office he betrays his own principles, so he always seems conflicted, capricious.  He holds the papal office in order to bring both it and the Church down.  Just like the liberal who probably runs your local parish, he is a pretender.

Gravity implies a sense of the last things, of the value and the ends of man.  The Pope sees only his manic crusade and his materialist excuses.

The writer wonders what he can say to non-Catholics who search for Truth.

I do not know. I do know that the current Pontiff is doing an absolutely marvellous job at giving non-Catholics second thoughts about coming into a Church which allows itself to be headed by such a strange man. Those who convert based on the words and actions of Francis must think they are joining an organization that is nothing less than a large outdoor jamboree.  Since seriousness has been rather conspicuous by its absence in many papal utterances why should a serious person consider the Church as that one Ark of salvation that they need to be in?

Isn’t this single quality, a lack of seriousness, the thing that has emptied the Churches and wrecked a billion souls?

When engaging in conversation with like-minded Catholics there is no mistaking the fact that these people are massively stressed out by what they see going on in Rome.  True, the machinations of our own virulently anti-Catholic society is also feeding that stress.  But in past days when the world was going mad everyday men knew that they could count on the rock of Peter, their lifeline so to speak, to keep them from falling into despair.  Today, however, they can no longer count on that lifeline as they watch a Church almost at the end of its tether, vacillating on crucial moral concepts and even dabbling in nonsense like “Climate Change”.

It’s amazing how powerful that institution Christ began with Peter truly is, how one man can be ‘rock’ for an entire culture.  In its great dysfunction today, we learn what we had.

One Catholic said to me that she feels “hunted”, like some Catholics of old, in Elizabethan times, who had to hide from the forces out to murder them.  We are indeed being hunted, not only by the lunatics in government and media but by some of the hierarchy of our own Church ready and willing to throw us into the nearest pit.

Only when that lifeline is clearly repaired will Catholics be able to withstand what is inevitably coming against them.

Even in the Coliseum when the lions were about to pounce the Christians knew that their leaders would not abandon them, would help them and pray for them.  In today’s Church none of that is at all certain.

Hang on to your rosaries.

Excellent advice.  Though even Peter may fail in weakness, Our Lady will never falter.  She has told us what to do.