Yesterday, at Canon212, I linked to a piece at the blog, CallMeJorge.  That’s a great site.  I don’t always agree with its conclusions, but it performs a helpful service.  The link I posted was about the TradCatKnight, Eric Gajewski.  In the piece, CallMeJorge calls the TradCat a fraud.

A while back, the group at Novus Ordo Watch posted an extended video with evidence that the TradCat (who told me at one time he had more circulation than EWTN) was purchasing pageviews from a sort of online auction house.  I learned of this expose’ after I foolishly did an interview with him last year. The interview supposedly logged over 50,000 views, but I got no bump whatsoever. It seemed strange.

I thought Eric was a good interviewer.  He seems to work hard at his site.  Apparently, if these accusations are as true as they appear, he is just of the mind that a little greasing the wheel goes a long way.  It works like steroids.  It gives you a bump up.  Gajewski gets well-known people that way.  They think he’s got some interest there.

The problem is people are misled, especially guests.  And if you call him on the pageviews story, Eric gets really ugly.

I mentioned this NOW video to him in a few months ago when he asked me to promote his interviews, articles, but I heard nothing in return.  But after this latest CallMeJorge link I posted, he finally said something:

wait you get to insult me publicly and imply i ma a con artist and you expect me to take that silently?

you are truly a slime ball Mr. Walker.  And dont be a little girl and try to hide behind the whole you now slurring insults you are a truly spineless man

“groundless insults” you are truly blind and pathetic you ought be glad I dont come down there and beat you sensless in front of your wife and kids

what a slimeball you are trying hide behind groundless insults as if you are not at fault another gossip website your name is going out there and publicly now as we speak

I got about twenty-six emails like this from Eric this morning.

you are apile of shit an old fat ass is what you are…a coward who cliam to be a real man

id slap you around like the little girl you are

yuo are a cowar like the rest all of them

you are spinless and hide behind your computer


and this….

hahahah..what a piece crap coward you are…look at you

all mad…….what a pile of shit you are….

vile heretic

i will kick your teeth in Walker and you know this……you are a coward

say it over and over you are no real man

what a pile of  crusty shit you are

He’s a creative guy.

How did you even produce children?  Do you even have testicles?

Afraid of yours?  Why would I be?  Im just demonstrating what a piece of cap heretic you are as I do with

all the false catholics? how is that being afraid?

Clearly it doesnt and you certainly are not a real man..your not even catholic to begin with

just an old crusty dorito eating gossip spewer

You are not smartest crayon in the box are you?

“just an old crusty dorito eating gossip spewer”  I’m sorry, but I like that.

Gajewski clearly threatens like a criminal. He wouldn’t tell me if he’s ever kicked anyone in the teeth.  He kept calling me a coward for not getting on the phone, but he just wants material.  Eric is so manly that he talks this way to women too.   He’s getting a long enemies list.  It’s really kind of a sad situation.

When he gets exposed he tries to bring out the worst in you so he can edit something for his attack piece and shore up his supposed followers.  Today he’s come out with this.

I’m not in love with the Paul VI Mass.  I see what it’s done.  But Gajewski’s right about at least one thing.  I’m not enough of a ‘traditionalist’ to know there are guys like this lurking along with them.  The word ‘trad’ itself is a slur.  I just try to be a Catholic.  Among other things, that’s traditional.

Anyway, this TradCat Knight is another menace.  I’m sorry I got mixed up with him at all.  Don’t you make the same mistake.

Do you think he’s a fraud?




21 Thoughts on “The TradCatKnight is Really, Really Mad

  1. Anonymous on February 23, 2017 at 6:15 pm said:

    I learned a few years ago to ignore anything that is posted as tradcatknight. He is as bad or worse than the diamond “brothers”. He is a viper waiting for you to look into his hole so that he can strike you.

  2. Frank, we need to know. Is it true you eat Doritos or not?

  3. Anonymous on February 23, 2017 at 6:35 pm said:

    I’m so sorry, Mr. Walker. He’s certainly not walking the talk or practicing charity, much less is he displaying any degree of virtue whatsoever. Calling you a f____t made me physically ill inside. That right there is a huge sin of slander. Shame on him. Does he really believe that God is pleased? The poor thing is deceived and deluded and needs a lot of prayers for his salvation. Any exorcist will tell you that the use of vile language is a sign of the presence of the demonic. He also can’t see, in his own blindness, that paying people to lie (to pretend they “like” or are a “follower”) is a two-fold sin: he incurs his own sin of deception as well as the sin of the accomplice. He then lied outright about utilizing the service when the evidence is clear. The man is full of pride and anger and it is Satan who is well pleased. Next he will take him down.

    If all he truly cared about was souls, then who cares how many views? Even if only ONE person is saved, that has infinite value in the sight of God. Eric has a lot to offer with his talents and intelligence but he (and his pride) is his own worst enemy. Let’s pray for him in all Charity and always remember, but for the Grace of God, there go I.

  4. In viewing Mr. Jagewski’s TradCatKnight Site in the past, I’ve been quite suspicious of his constant boasting about being so popular. Hence, it’s not a surprise to see what NOW exposes. But beyond that boasting are his links to questionable sites promoting not just poorly supported and quite amateurish reports making outrageous, even contradictory, charges against individuals or organizations, but even promoting erroneous ideas concerning the Catholic Faith as well as risque, to say the least, ads and photographs. It is about time he is exposed, and his totally foul and rancorous response to you, Mr. Walkers, only makes manifest what he’s up to. Indeed, the word “cat” in the title of his web site tells it all–sneaky, aggressive, attention seeking,

  5. I’ve only been following Gajewski’s stuff for less than a year. Although I think he has some good interest in certain important topics for Catholics, I’ve noticed that he peddles a lot of shit on his website, too, a lot of shallow posts with very little evidence to back them up and no avenue for visitors to critique his work.

    I’ve also noticed that he never really goes into any significant depth in his interviews. He always says the same things, the same few points on each topic, then wants to move on to the next thing. He doesn’t seem to do real in depth investigative work, and honestly I’ve gotten tired of his material. Not because I always expect to see something new, but because his work just doesn’t seem that substantial in terms of real evidence and depth.

    I also find it hypocritical that he orders people to never set foot inside a Novus Ordo Church, but he interviews with all manner of people who he would understand to be heretics. He carefully avoids rocking the boat with his guests, too, because he knows he won’t get guests and interview opportunities if he isn’t pleasant. I guess it’s okay, though, if it gives publicity and makes him some money. Yes there are serious problems in the modern Catholic Church, but I’m very skeptical of Catholics who would rather skip the Mass, the sacraments, and parish involvement altogether if they can’t get to a Tridentine Mass or a traditional priest and parish. There’s something very wrong with that. It’s like a form of gnosticism. Unless you have special knowledge that the Tridentine rite is the only valid rite of Mass and you are lucky enough to have access, then you have no grace and you’re going to hell…. There is something very wrong with that way of thinking. That said, I do think we are witnessing the crumbling of the Church since VII. But you don’t have to be “TradCatKnight” to realize that.

    I think it is suspect, and kind of funny, that he is trying to make the TradCat deal his full time gig. It doesn’t surprise me that there is a very toxic person behind the TradCatKnight persona. He seems quite full of himself. I’m also skeptical of this “work” that he claims to do with porn stars or prostitutes or whatever, these “girls” he gets in contact with. That seems dubious to me, like a joke really, especially given his admitted poast and how he seems to brag about what he’s doing now. Lack of humility. He’s probably fallen or headed for a fall. Needs prayers.

    I encourage you to publish even more of the material he sent to you. I say expose him for what he is. I would never want to tear down a brother’s attempts to live the Catholic faith, but you’d do other Catholics a service by exposing him for the toxic person he is, especially given that he’s holding himself out as a “TradCatKnight”, a model of the faith, a man after Christ’s own heart. Let’s see whether his actions and words really bear that out. From the little bit you posted and from what I’ve seen on his site, I think we have our answer. It’s probably just the tip of the iceberg, and it doesn’t look good.

  6. Anonymous on February 23, 2017 at 9:41 pm said:

    He belongs inside a mental health institution. He needs real serious help.

  7. I just checked his Facebook site for the first time. Take a look at the likes, shares and comments. It’s clear that it’s all a fake.

    If you subtract the nasty emails and the people who are bilked of their time and/or money by thinking he’s much bigger than he is, what you’re left with is someone creating this sort of imaginary empire in his own mind.

    I honestly doubt he’s bilked very many people of money. He doesn’t seem to have very many actual friends or followers to bilk.

    Will this hurt him? In a sense, no. He seems to have so few real connections anyway, there aren’t very many to lose.

    What a strange story.

  8. /thatguy/ on February 23, 2017 at 11:35 pm said:

    How dare you oppose the Great Monarch! Away with your calumny and off with your head. Chinese clickbots have spoken and enthroned him via the most viewed and followed trad apostolate on the interwebz.


    For those who have (attempted) to listen to him in the past, “if you will”, Eric is, “objectively speaking” the Great Monarch. Rinse and repeat those quoted phrases.

    Keep up the good work, Frank. Watch out for the nutters. …and don’t forget to support our sponsors where you can buy 100% beeswax candles and lead-lined hats to protect yourself from planet x. Godspeed, sir.

  9. I listen to many of Erics interviews, but I wouldn’t trust him as far as I could throw him. The fact that he brags about his Alexa ratings at the beginning of every single interview just bugs me. I really don’t care if The Remnant has a lower Alexa rating than he has. I don’t even know what Alexa is. There is no way he is more widely read and followed than any other Catholic Traditional website. No way.

    He always comes across to me as untrustworthy (I just do happen to enjoy many of the guests he gets.) I listened to him interview John Salza about his book on sedevacantism a few months ago. He was perfectly friendly and jolly. Then he few weeks later he started a serious of attack pieces against Salza, calling him all sorts of names. That was just weird. Any Trad who calls another Catholic a PseudoTrad is ALWAYS suspect, in my book. (He frequently points out that other Trads — most Trads — are PseudoTrads.)

    And as James mentioned above, it does seem very strange that he says he has some kind of ministry helping porn stars — or whatever he claims to be doing. Why would a guy who struggled with porn put himself into situations that could cause him to fall into serious sin again? No, something is definitely not right about TradCatKnight. And now after hearing his attempts to harass you!! Wow! Sad.

  10. Just popped by the TradCatKnights blog. He certainly is colorful in his use of language, isn’t he?

    SlimeBall Closet Faggot Pseudo Trad Heretic, Frank??!! Did he leave out anything? I guess thats a pretty complete list of insults. What a swell guy that TradCatKnight is. What an example of Christian Charity he shows us. My goodness.

  11. OkiePapist on February 24, 2017 at 8:32 am said:

    Dude is just an a-hole. Watch out or his “eagles” will swoop in. LOL.

  12. I’m sorry, sir, he attacked you in this way. Anger is no small matter with me, either, but I remember St. Paul’s admonition that no flesh, no matter how wretched, is the enemy. I direct my fury towards hell, with apologies to THE MOST HIGH, when it seems to singe the very soles of THE LORD HIMSELF, but enough about me..

    I love, but I suppose you were trying to get publicity for your great work, as others have tried to for their beloved enterprises.

    When marketing becomes mortal sin is a very grey area it would seem. Pepsi? Coke? Burger King? McDonalds? Why do you choose? Advertising? Singing, dancing, and often, comedic..liars? (Truth be told, patronize none of those enterprises that supports fully this diabolical culture with monetary and propaganda, but I digress..)

    It is great if we can do what we perceive as God’s work and still make a living! But as we know, great “blessings” like Catholic television (EWTN empire), Catholic Radio (Catholic Answers, local Catholic Radio, really nearly all of the professional Catholic establishment..), Social media (Pewsitter, etc), Diocese after Diocese, and even Rome (Soros) itself has kowtowed for financial interests.

    The 30 pieces of silver is as striking today as it was then.

    The Dimond Brothers, the sedavacanistas, make immaculate accusations against the “smoke-of-satan” council, but their conclusion is as wrong-headed as the neo-catholics. They are two sides of the same counterfeit coin.

    The seda’s would have us believe every time a pope is wrong he ceases to be pope. The neo-catholics would have us believe everything a pope does is at the inspiration of THE MOST HOLY SPIRIT. Both are wrong.

    I subscribe to the RRR (recognize, resist-if necessary, restore). This seems to be the narrative of nearly all of Holy Scripture and Approved Catholic Prophecy. It seems right to me. I could be wrong.

    Eric Gajewski’s video documentaries, of some years back, are unparalleled with respect to Approved Catholic Prophecy, but as with the seda’s and the neo-catholics, there are obvious flaws, but one sees how they might think as they do, however wrong-headed they might be.

    The base problem is the “smoke-of-satan” council and the modernists and masons they played the whore for.

    Tertullian and Origen would have been Apostolic Fathers had they not died manifest heretics, seduced by some modern current of diabolic deception (curious, the neo-catholics still very much like these heretics).

    St. Thomas Aquinas, The Angelic Doctor, was wrong on The Immaculate Conception. His “quickening” argument is still used by Nancy Pelosi today to justify abortion.

    Gajewski is protecting what meager income he has. Many of us would do or say anything if our livelihood were threatened in some way. Not all of us, but more than a few.

    What Eric should have done is give a reasoned defense of his actions.

    I would remind you in the last week, one sodomite Milo, of Greek origin, who enjoyed being raped by a Catholic Priest at the age of 14, he says, and is heard saying pederasty and pedophilia are beautiful, wondrous things has been feted by even Catholic Right media, purportedly Catholic Conway and Bannon, and Breitbart, who hired this sodomite because he is a conservative-sodomite (sic), who supported guns and Trump

    Pewsitter folded, intellectually, to pay the bills and because cognitive dissonance is a powerful, psychological bully. rushed to fill the vacuum, but you and I have no guarantee that we will not wilt as well. Better men have not finished the race as we know.

    Salve Regina, Mater Misericordia, Ora Pro Nobis! VIVA CHRISTO REY!

  13. Michelle on February 24, 2017 at 9:50 am said:

    Foul language is devilish.
    Ignore him.

  14. The whole thing is sad. I appreciate a lot of His material, but the outbursts and the language he uses in His own posts suggest He could be under the influence of some substance at times, or oppressed by demonic forces. We should expect demonic attacks on anyone trying to get the truth out but there does seem to be something else going on. Much pride as well.

    • Anonymous on February 24, 2017 at 12:51 pm said:

      Makes sense to me – I feel you are right with the angle about the attacks. There is a lot of truth to his material, but most can’t wrap their heads around the level of evil that surrounds us and therefore immediately discount the information. I sensed the major pride issue early on as well. He needs our prayers.

  15. James Keenan on February 24, 2017 at 11:00 am said:

    Wow, speechless. How can he even claim to be Christian? He’s clearly demonstrated he’s not. Hopefully his “followers,” if he truly has any, will see this charlatan for what he is.

  16. Who writes emails like that? I get mad at times, we all get mad, some woman cut me off today and then yelled at me when I had the right of way, I yelled out the window back at her calling her a dumb@ss and then I had the profound thought. “I’m a Catholic man yelling out the window at someone calling them a dumb@ss”. But the insane rants posted above? Threatening physical violence? What the? I can’t imagine over a blog disagreement.

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