I AM a man, I AM a Catholic, I AM a Godparent,  and YOU kicked me!

I AM a man, I AM a Catholic, I AM a Godparent, and YOU kicked me!

Huffpo reports on the latest outrage being perpetrated against one unsuspecting Spanish bishop and faithful Catholics everywhere.

Alex Salinas is 21 years old. He was assigned female at birth, but is now living as his authentic self as a man. He is a “firm believer” and wants to be a godparent at his nephew’s baptism but the diocese of Cadiz and Ceuta is standing in his way. According to them, he is not a “suitable” person because of the life he leads, a life not “congruent with faith.”

Alex is a good name for this human.  It can go both ways.  Who designated its original female assignation, the furies?  Whoever assigned it, it was definitely not the same one who ‘authenticated’ its manhood later.

At least it wants to be a godparent. A godfather would give the bishop too many insane battles at once.

I suppose if we let this ‘it’ and its friends at the Huffington Post decide what is congruent with the faith instead of its bishop, that makes our faith really gay now.  Everything is gay, even Christ’s Church.

However, they do not find their argument to be discriminatory.

The diocese insists that “no discrimination is implied” by impeding a transgender man from being the godfather at the baptism of his nephew in the parish of San Fernando (Cadiz), indicating that it “happens frequently” with people who are not considered “suitable” because of their “lifestyle, opinions, and lack of congruence with Christian life and the Church’s regulations.”

Discrimination is good.  It’s a word stolen from us by liberals in an effort to make us their mind-slaves.  It simply means to tell one thing from another, to choose.  Rashly judging a person based on superficial or unrelated characteristics is a mistake – even a sin, but being able to see that a gay person who can’t figure out if it’s a man or a woman makes an evil choice for godparent is the good kind of ‘discriminating.’  But there’s no sense in arguing that it’s not discrimination.

When ‘discriminating’ is illegal, the only ones who are permitted to do it are judges, and even bishops have to leave their deciding to experts.

“To the church, I am still a woman, even though my documents of identification have changed,” explained Alex Salinas, who wants the diocese to reconsider their decision, which he took “as a kick in the stomach” because he is a “firm believer.”

Why do they always say you kicked them in the stomach when the only thing that happened was that they wished they could kick you in the stomach?

If you say you’re a man then you’re a man.  If you say you’re a firm believer then you’re a firm believer.  If you say you’re a bishop then provide a statement for the paper and call your lawyers.





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