That all shall take comfort knowing Francis’ heresy comes from God, we pray to the Lord….

When, in superhuman arrogance, Pope Francis (allegedly) told Eugenio Scalfari that all who request to receive Communion will be permitted, he made perfect sense.  Of course they will.  All kinds of evil have been enabled in the Church in our lifetimes already.  While people are busy waving their arms and blaming the culture, as if the culture drove the Church instead of the other way around, things go exactly as intended.  We have specific targeted management occurring here.  The Church is the shepherd of the people, just as it always was.  Only now it’s guided by evil men.

A few weeks ago I was treated to a homily I never would have heard before Francis, wherein I learned that people are forced to divorce sometimes.  Then, during those awful Prayers of the Faithful, in which I consciously avoid a response, we all prayed for people who are ‘forced to divorce’.

In the interim we had the terrible Synod where the unthinkable was supposedly avoided.  Then ‘the Francis’ brags to the world that he’ll have his way.  It’s a revolution you know and Francis is your savior, sinner.

Today the wonderful 80-year old man who says Mass almost every single day for us,  obeys his corrupt bishops and follows even Pope Francis, was annoyed that sacristans and faithful were switching out the candles next to the Blessed Sacrament while an inch or so of wax still remained.  He’s been taking time to melt down old ends of candles to conserve wax and these Christians just waste.  He told us that Francis said whoever wastes steals from the poor, you know!  God bless Father.  He wasn’t really angry, but that’s not true what Francis lead him to think at his age.

Soon after, as the lector read today’s Prayers of the Faithful, I heard,

“For all those hurt by the changes in the Church, that they may know they come from God.  We pray to the Lord…”

Now, since most of these nasty prayers sound like USCCB head office boilerplate, I have to assume this isn’t the only parish where this type of thing is being uttered today.

Meanwhile Francis continues to drip with contempt for the faithful followers of Christ, you know, the ones who actually do love God and man, not like these monstrous pretenders.  God will judge all ‘excluders’, we learned.  His latest hateful rant sounds comical coming from a man in the Pope’s white, but Francis is by no means alone in this.  Followers of FrancisChurch are far more numerous than Christians.

Behind-the-scenes money man, and chief obstacle to whatever Cardinal Pell is trying to accomplish, Cardinal Coccopalmerio, agrees with Francis when it comes to faithful Catholics.

‘You people, who don’t care that the Pope has a heart for the suffering, only wish to keep your pure pristine doctrine from getting fouled!’

I’m no exorcist, but isn’t this the kind of thing you hear when Satan complains to a good priest?

The cardinal ties faithful bishops to the latest leak scandal but the actual perps were the same people behind original Vatileaks, that unsettling event which preceded Benedict’s abdication.  The new Pope Francis has since put them in charge of Church-wide leaking and their supposed tell-all just smears his enemies.  Why not?  They were the ones pushing Benedict out in the first place to clear the way for their own.  This is the Pope’s A-team.

The leakers make the Pope look good, but Cd. Cocco knows the game. Blame everything on those ‘uncaring’ enemies of Francis so prevalent at the Synod.

Thankfully we don’t need to listen the bilge flowing from followers of FrancisGospel.  All we have to do is look at them.

Quite the innocent looking mug

Quite the innocent looking mug


This high-ranking official FrancisVatican leaker looks like a gender studies prof.

This high-ranking official FrancisVatican leaker looks like a gender studies prof.


If you need more examples, spend a little time listening to the serpentine growl that emanates from Obama’s Cardinal Wuerl.

It’s no time to pretend these invaders are among the faithful.  They rule over the Church but they aren’t part of it.  They love and respect Christ even less than they do you.  That’s why they want sacrilege.

Francis is getting his way, and so are all his friends.  We have to stop treating them like they care.





2 Thoughts on “Pope Francis Is Getting What He Wants

  1. Anonymous on November 5, 2015 at 8:02 pm said:

    “For all those hurt by the changes in the Church, that they may know they come from God. We pray to the Lord…”
    …you seriously heard this!?

  2. Joanne on November 6, 2015 at 3:28 pm said:

    Slight correction: Francis has gotten his way! He and his Team, some of which still have yet to be publicly named.

    When the media finally start to connect the dots, that is the time when it’s all over but the crying. My guess: we will have another papal resignation within 6 months.

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